Urvashi Dholakia Is Not The Real Winner Of Bigg Boss 6 !

  • Urvashi Dholakia sexy

    Urvashi Dholakia is simply the manipulated winner of Bigg Boss 6.As a numerologist,i know well,that it is Imam Siddiqui who has actually won the contest – Salman khan has made Urvashi the winner.

    Urvashi has received less than 1/3rd vote as compared to that of Imam [ our team knows the real vote count].To save the falling reputation of numerologist Jumaani and to help the financially weak woman Urvashi,Salman has announced her as the winner.

    As a numerologist,i can challange them that Urvashi cant be the winner [even without the voting stats that we have with us].It is IMAM,IMAM and only Imam who is the winner of Bigg boss 6.

    The name of the girl is quite defective – Urvashi Dholakia adds to 48.Now,Jumaani will create a post saying 48 adds to 3,year 2013 adds to 6,day was 12 or 3,Bigg boss 6 adds to 30 or 6 and she won !

    Such weak numerology can fool only the innocent public,not a numerologist.Her name Urvashi dholakia – 24 + 24 – there is the double effect of 24 or 6 , number 24 gains wealth with the support of powerful men [ here salman].

    The grand finale date of bigg boss 6 was 12 jan,2013-


    Vital numbers – 31,11,20,22,12

    Imam Siddiqui adds to 10 + 21 = 31. The day was saturday or 8,nobody can beat such 4 and 8 competition.It matches with almost every number,except 12.For that his name component in 21 was enough.

    One might argue Urvashi has 48 in her name.Know the difference,name 4 and day 8 proves lucky…48 with saturday fails. Further,number 48 is symbolic of failures,her components in 24 are also weak.

    The real fraud lies here – the day was 12,her name components in 24 – 3 and 6 combination.It is never ever possible for a name in 24/6 to succeed on day 12.I will cite the necessary explainations-

    Mystery novel queen AGATHA CHRISTIE serves the best example to bring out the fraud done in BB6.Agatha’s full name added to 15 + 24 [ similar 6 and 6 pattern like that of Urvashi ]

    Now see,how bad was number 12 /3 for Agatha. On 3 December 1926 ,her husband Archie left her for ever to spend the weekend with his mistress at Godalming, Surrey. That was the worst day in her life..it pushed her in depression for long.

    Number 12 took her life – she died on 12 January 1976 (aged 85). Number 85 adds to 13. [Which means,numbers 12 and 13 are fatal for such 6 .6 names ]

    The finale date was controlled by 31,22,12 – in what way could Urvashi win the Bigg boss 6 ?

    The recent match between New ZealanD and South Africa Ist ODI – DEC 21 ,2012. NEW ZEALAND adds to 42 and their performance was disasterous on that day – simly because of 42 and 21 effect. 42 adds to 6 and day was 21 or 3 and SA defeated them !

    Examples are many – my family is flooded with number 48 persons [ interesting thing is – their name components are in 6 and 6 pattern ] and they are still struggling.

    What i guess is,all these three years [ Salman has been hosting bigg boss for 3 years.] ,Salman has helped Jumaani in succeeding in his predictions [ Salman is his client,he has surely manipulated the winner results].

    Well,they are wealthy persons – they can do anything…but they should not insult KNOWLEDGE by resorting to frauds.

  • 10 thoughts on “Urvashi Dholakia Is Not The Real Winner Of Bigg Boss 6 !

    1. Kamal hai! Itna faltu time hai logon ke pass, pehli dafa pata chala. Arrey bhai, ye number chod, kuch dhang ka kaam kar, kyon zindagi barbad kar raha hai 2+2 = 4 mein!

    2. Enough of this Vampire Aunty Urvashi, Chakka Niketan, Slut Sana….? Come on yaar… these useless contestants getting more jealous about Imam…
      What did Imam did? All these contestants are back biting..bitching…among each other…This guy just says… in front of anyone what he thinks….Is that wrong?…How much energy and passion this guy carries man, at this age yaar? This guy really rocks…backbone of season 6.

    3. what a load of bullshit stop making bullshit and insult numerology and astrology. looking at ur post i can say its nothing but crap by a random imam fan go get a freaking life…i am a numerologist too this calculation of yours is piece of shit.

      • See,today was 12 feb… eng captain stuart broad’s birthdate is 24,just the double of 12…. as i had explained in bigg boss urvashi fraud winning case…. 12 and 24 combination or 3,6 fails everytime…no escape. It is to be noted that stuart’s destiny number is 36,still he failed on feb 12/3 …. the infamous 3,6,9 theory has become outdated… most of the numerologists,including you,seems to rely too much on orthodox numerology which has many loopholes and defects…. Our numerology is new and research based….enjoy Prasant numerology !

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