Kumbha mela 2013 Will Be Special – But In Bad Ways ?

  • kumbh maha kumbha mela 2013 news

    Kumbh mela 2013 begins today Jan 14,the matrix indicates few unlucky things in store –


    Vital numbers – 14,12,42,11,53

    It is funny that most of the numbers are indicative of sex and terrorism,religious number – pure 3 is almost absent..!

    The matrix element 42 is special-it is a popularity number,2013 kumbha mela will be remembered for years to come.But,i fear,for bad reasons.

    There is 42 or 6 and 53 or 8 – a case of affliction of 6 by 8.Such afflicted 42 warns us of terrorists attacks,severe sexual abuse incidents.

    Today is monday or day of number 2,when 2 gets afflicted by number 53 or 8 – one should take precautions against explosives,fire mishaps.2 and 8 means that beauty of the person or event will be ruined.

    Then,there is the famous number 14 – which is unsafe for girls.On such dates,gang rape cases are more.So,women should be alert during this kumbha mela 2013.

    Numbers 11 again indicates mass killing,death number.Number 12 is not pure 3 ,hence religious sentiments will be less.14,42 – sex numbers will overpower men’s mind.

    Matrix of year 2013 itself is number 18 – one of the worst killer number.It indicates mass killing,destruction,rapes.

    Overall,the begining date of this year’s mela of kumbha is dangerous for more than one reasons ,risks are – fire or explosive mishaps,sexual abuse or gang rapes and terrorism or terrorists attacks -numbers are indications [ it may not happen by God’s blessings],but BE CAREFUL !

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