Race 2 Movie Will Be Hot ? Numerological Predictions !

  • saif ali khan hot race 2

    Race 2 movie will be releasing on Jan 25 – the big question is – will it succeed ? My predictions are always inclined more towards film’s goodness,rather than the heavy box office collections supported by publicity/stardom.

    Race 2 movie title adds to 11 + 2 = weak number 13.The makers have destructed its goodness further by creating logo Race2 – without allowing space between Race and 2.

    Race 2 had a superb inner meaning number 22,but now,it has lost its shine by 70-80 %.The release month is the cusp of strong and weak periods of saturn or 8 – it can devastate the movie.

    The release date is almost dud- Jan 25,2013


    Vital numbers – 25,14,54,75/12. 25 or 7 doesnt work well with 13/4 [ Yes,it is written in ancient books that 1,2,4,7 belongs to one family…but that is outdated knowledge].

    Number 14,12 can create poverty and defeat.Only number 54 is good but it has nothing to do with this movie’s numbers.

    Why did they bind race with 2 ? It has reduced its success chances by 80 per cent.Yet, Race2 has inner layered number 23 – but i dont think it can alone push the movie towards success !

    Its lead actor ,Saif ali khan, can save the film- most of his numerology matches with the movie/release date numerology.

    If Race 2,instead of Race2,has been used more / if Saif’s luck strikes the correct chords – the film might work excellent for him .

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