Rahul Gandhi Will Be The Worst PM Of India ?

  • rahul gandhi pm elections

    Well,Rahul Gandhi,the middle aged clan,is over excited to become the PM of India.Will his control lead to further destruction of our country ?

    I have explained,how CONGRESS is numerologically bad for India.Congress name adds to number 31 – one of the killer number which creates seperations and loneliness.

    Congress has been ruining India since ages,now the big question is -will Rahul Gandhi carry forward their legacy of corruption and destruction OR he will take India towards progress ?

    The name of this middle aged leader Rahul gandhi reveals much ! It adds to 17 + 19 = 36. Number 36 adds to 9 – it represents dictatorship,rather than leadership.

    He might crush the feelings,wishes,culture of Indian mass. Saddam Hussain was a number 9 person.Such persons always harm others/ might kill too.

    Number 17 is great in ancient numerology books,but it adds to 8 – the best KILLER number.It can indicate two things – either he will be criminal minded – rape girls,kill others.

    Or,he will be murdered in the coming years.If his age records are correct,his destiny is number 33 and when it mixes with number 17 – it can produce excellent rapists.

    From June 2013,he will enter his 44th year which leads to downfall or death of that person [Rahul gandhi].It will be the worst period of his life.

    It is interesting that the 2013 year matrix adds to number 18.I had predicted that number 18 affected persons will gain much this year.Priyanka chopra,Sri lanka cricket team,Anurag basu and others have 18 in their numerology and they are winning awards,thrashing Australia in matches.

    The inner meaning number of Rahul Gandhi adds to 81 – didnt it strike you ? Number 81 is the interchange of 18,no wonder this year has proved special for him too.

    General elections for PM post will be held in 2014 – its matrix is number 19. Rahul gandhi’s birth date is -viola – June 19 ! It will provide him luck,but only after he crosses 44,i.e. after June 19th,2014.

    Then,he will be in his 45th year – number 45 is highly special.And for him,it is double lucky…his name number adds to 36 or 9 itself.He can win the PM elections,if held after June 19th [ I hope his age records are true,otherwise most of these predictions based on his age will fail].

    India is strongly affected by number 1 [ got independence in august – month of 1].And its destiny is number 35 or 8 – did you see the pattern – 18 again… it matches well with Rahul Gandhi’s inner meaning numbers !

    It means,he can control India fully – but the danger is – he can turn into a dictator because his name number 9 represents the same thing – dictatorship and cruelity.

    Further,his first name Rahul has layered number in 27 or 9 and actual number in 17.RANCHI city name has exactly the same numberology of 27 and 17.Do you think Ranchi is the lucky city of India ? If yes,Rahul will also prove lucky for India !

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