Pakistan Vs South Africa 2013 Tour T20 / ODI Matches – Numerology Predictions

  • sa vs pak 2013

    Pakistan tour of South Africa will not be fruitful for the former,i guess.Lets have a look at Prasant Numerology predictions for SA vs Pak T20 matches –

    1st Test Feb 1-5 – South Africa

    2nd Test Feb 14-18 – South Africa

    3rd Test Feb 22-26 – South Africa

    1st T20 Mar 1 – South Africa [ match abandoned ]

    2nd T20 Mar 3 – South Africa  [ Pakistan won ]

    Pak vs SA ODI Series 2013 Predictions –

    1st ODI Mar 10 – South Africa

    2nd ODI Mar 15 – Pakistan

    3rd ODI Mar 17 – South Africa

    4th ODI Mar 21 – Pakistan

    5th ODI Mar 24 – South Africa

    NOTE- Last ODI prediction is based on the premise that south african captain’s destiny number in 5 syncs with the begining date of this ODI matches series – 10 mar,2013.

    This relies heavily on the birth records of both the captains – A B devilliers and Misbah ul haq. OTHERWISE, 24 or 6 proves lucky for Pakistan. Lets see…!

  • 303 thoughts on “Pakistan Vs South Africa 2013 Tour T20 / ODI Matches – Numerology Predictions

        • bangladesh name number 32 hai aur srilanka ka name number 28 hai shayed close ho saktha hai 41 independence year chal raha hai bangladesh ke liye

        • Numerological analysis details – 2013 year matrix adds to number 18 . Sri lanka name adds to 6 + 3 = 18 itself. No wonder,they thrashed Australia recently.

          As i had predicted last year that 2013 adds to number 6 but persons/teams in pure 6 wont live long because the year matrix is 18. Number 8 is afflicting 6 and only those things will succeed this year which have afflicted 6 in their names.

          Sri adds to 6 and it is being afflicted by 8 in 18.They will rule this year.

          But,Bangladesh wont lag behind.Their name is in the 32 and D pattern or 54 pattern. When number 54 gets the support of 18 [ 2013 year matrix is 18], they can shoot up like a rocket….

          Both,Bangladesh and Sri Lanka should have superb year 2013.But,between the two,Sri lanka will be more powerful because number 8 is always double power of 4.

      • Today is the cusp of nakshatras – ayilyam and makam. It is a severe dosh.. avoid betting. Further,makam nakshatra indicates monetary losses and it has begun from around 10 am today… generally,cusp dosh results in low score match or its abandonment…

        today is 24 /6 with destiny in 6 – similar to your birth and destiny in 6… later part of today will bring you happiness…

    1. Sir my birth date is 6june 1992..mera day aaj kaisa rehega.and what is my destiny number?and sir pls tell me how I pay you?i mean ur paying method.i wanna betting in ipl with ur prediction.

      • Your destiny number is quite lucky – number 33 ! your dob is also 6 ,so double six…. but i must warn you..double six doesnt mean double wealthy… 66 is held together by 3… number 6 makes the person interested is sex ,pleasures,wealth but number 3 proves as a chain/constraint in getting what you desire… and the person resorts to risky/immoral ways to seek pleasure and wealth…

        further, being born on june [number 5] is creating 65/56 or number 11 effect…mental worries,shaky wealth status. BUT,being born on pure 6 and having destiny in 33 is special…lucky…!

        • What is Jumaani’s prediction for IPL 6 ? Who will win ? he is lucky…he has acess to the players personally…can know their real birth year…. it affects the predictions a lot….

          I have to rely on wiki…. I feel,he would consider PWI – 60… then,there is kkr…. but i douby gauti age record….. obviously,my predictions become weak….

          Gauti’s wiki records 14 October 1981 (age 31) that means,last year ipl he was in his 31st age… he is born 5th,so 32nd year should have been lucky…. how did kkr win during his 31st year ? surely,his age records are false….

          again,few are saying dhoni is in 31st age…others suggesting 32nd …it weakens the predictions…

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