Shahrukh Khan Name Has Become Defective Now !

  • shahrukh khan stills

    First of all,one should never use multiple names.It weakens the power of the main name and leads to failures.Same thing is happening with Shah rukh khan.

    Some news articles writers write Shahrukh khan,some use Shah rukh khan,and others [for no reasons] SRK.What is this ? It is creating repeated failures for him.

    His main name Shahrukh khan adds to 29 + 13 = 42.It is one of the best examples of perfect balancing of name components.Inner number in 24 and outer in 42.Point to be noted is that both the numbers are good,hence best results.

    Why did we break his name to Shah Rukh ? It adds to 14 15 = 29.Its inner number becomes 56 – not a great number because number 14 is the afflicted form of number 5.

    Now,SRK adds to number 7 – it is not a great number for actors. Number 7 series is famous for creating great actors.Amitabh Bachchan,Hrithik Roshan,Vidya balan have their names in number 7 series.

    Even,HOLLYWOOD name adds to number 7.But,it is to be noted that direct number 7 is never great.It hardly gives that nuch success as few other numbers in 7 series.

    Even i cant recommend a good name change for Shahrukh,because i dont trust age records given at wiki.If he contacts me,i will give him few nice suggestions.

    If he wants success in his upcoming films – Chennai express , Happy new year …. he will surely need the support of numerology – may be ‘the MINE’ !

    I adore him [ even today] for his brilliant acting in Darr,Bazigar,Anjaam.. but didnt like any of his films after 2000. Weak directors -Farhan akhtar,Yash chopra and bad writers need to be blamed rather than the actor.

  • 8 thoughts on “Shahrukh Khan Name Has Become Defective Now !

    1. Hello sir….
      Plz advice on my name no. in krishann =24
      D.O.B is 26-08-1991……
      Do my birth no.s compatiable with my name number…If not,suggest me sum no.s as my name number !!
      Thank you

    2. Hello sir, ur pst is nice. I read all. sir, why would ShAHRUK KHAN becomes 42, why would my name becomes 60. all numerologist calculate like that. but in my view they r false. Bcoz both ME and SRK are 15. bcoz name shahruk comes 29 when we reduse we get 11 master no. then khan becomes 13 redus to 4. then we added both 11 and 4 =15 isnt it sir?

    3. Numerologist ji

      24+13 को जोड़ने पर 37 आता है ना कि 42 होता है।
      इसी तरह
      14+15 का जोड़ने पर 29 आता है न कि 24 होता है।

      सुधार कीजिए।

    4. Boss,

      आप अपनी पोस्ट के तीसरे और चौथे पैराग्राफ को देखिये उसमें आपने
      main name Shahrukh khan adds to 24+13=42 है जबकि
      ये जोड़ तो 37 होना आता है। इसको 42 की जगह 37 लिखें।
      और 14+15=24 है जबकि 29 लिखना चाहिए। आप अपनी पोस्ट में लिखे हुए में सुधार कीजिए। प्लीज attention and try to


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