Ram-Leela Movie Will Be A Success?

  • Ram Leela Movie hot news

    Originally, it was Ram leela. Then as per our suggestion, the name was modified by adding an ‘-‘ between the two words thus avoiding double numbers affect. For a short time, it was expanded to Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela.

    But, again it calling name became only Ram-leela…. number 24….and it worked well.

    Ram leela was 7 + 17 = 24. There was the bad 78 present – we pointed out the defect to the makers and it was soon rectified by ‘-‘ between Ram and leela… double word becoming single one.

    Later, Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela.added to number 78 – Same problem as with Ram leela. Again we pointed out the mistake. Finally, nobody bothered to use the longer name and it remained Ram-leela only.

    2013 year number is 6 and year matrix number is 18. The movie in 24 matched with it. Though not fully….  Ranveer Singh was carrying a defect.

    His birth month is 2 and the movie release month 9…   unlucky combination…. The movie began on bright sexy note…it seemed it would go beyond 200…

    But, even after hardcore publicity and public liking,….the film’ viewership halted suddenly from 89 cr onwards…it crossed 100 with so much difficulty….

    Clearly, public liking was not that much in reality…otherwise….it should not have halted. The 2 fails with 9 effect showed its effect soon, without fail!

    2013 hardly produced any likeable movies…had predicted this much earlier last dec….

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