Mohanlal’ Lokpal Movie Has Chance Of Success ?

  • mohanlal lokpal 2013

    Kerala movies superstar Mohanlal starrer ‘Lokapal’ will be releasing tomorrow.The date is highly bad,yet,the film has chance of success as per numerology.

    Well,the release date matrix –


    Vital numbers – 31,11,42.You see,there are number 11s in the main sections of the matrix which points at severe financial failure of the movie.The month is february which is bad,but for that Lokpal has a P in it.

    Further,there is the death number 31 which again can create few problems.Despite all these,the movie has chance to succeed because the film’s title adds to number 24 and it syncs well with 42.

    Mohanlal’s name adds to number 29 and for such persons,movie name in 6 proves lucky.Besides that,his destiny adds to exact number 24 [ if his age records are correct].It is a major hint of success.

    Now,the final result depends on whether number 11 proves more powerful of else number 24.Again,number 6 can control number 11 quite well.Monetary success might be low,but the film can earn fame for itself and mohanlal. Lets wait and watch – will 24 supress 11’s bad effects ?

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