Alia Bhatt ‘2 States’ Will Be Hot And Successful !

  • 2 states 2013 movie hot scenes

    The upcoming film of Arjun kapoor and Alia bhatt – ‘2 States’ has a good numberology,lets hope it works well.The film title is special because of its excellent balancing of name components.

    The film title ‘2 States’ adds to 2 + 20 = 22.We observe that its inner meaning/component number adds to same number 22 ! Such perfect balancing of name components can give best results,provided the movie release date is good.

    Alia bhatt,its lead actress,has her name number in 22,so the film’s name is in good vibration.Arjun kapoor is influenced by number 8 to some extent,it might be slighty lucky for him as well.

    Recently,the first look poster of 2 states 2013 hindi bollywood film has been released which looks almost ok.Numerology of 22 suggests that we should expect hot scenes from this beauty actress Alia bhatt.

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