Geetika Sharma Mother Suicide Case Numerology

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  • Gopal Kanda geetika sharma mother suicide case

    On 15 February 2013 Geetika’s mother Anuradha Sharma also committed suicide.What is the exact numerology behind her death ? I hope,you know that her daughter Geetika too had committed suicide last year.

    As i had pointed out in yearly predictions,this year matrix has numbers 8 and 18 which represents sufferings and death.Since 2013 adds to 6 [ 6 represents women].So,this year women will have t0 suffer a lot all over the world,India being the frontrunner because its destiny number is 35 or 8 itself.

    I had already provided you the numerology of Geetika’s death in earlier post.Lets analyse it a bit in detail,including the suicide date…  5 aug ,2012-

    Its matrix –



    Vital numbers – 05,18,01,58,59,14. Among these,numbers 18 and 58 are killer numbers because of the influence of 8 or saturn.Her name Geetika sharma added to 21 + 16 = 37.

    Now,her mother’s name Anuradha sharma added to 25 + 16 = 41 [ It is quite interesting that South Africa cricket team name has exactly the same numerology format..each and every element,but with pt effect].

    Number 41 in itself ,or the inner meaning number 77,are not bad at all.That arouses ones suspicion why she committed suicide.There is no numerological explaination but yes,there is a strong astrological explaination.

    Her suicide date matrix –



    Vital numbers – 15,14,11,54,65,29. You see,number 14 occurred in Geetika case as well. Number 11,65 adding to 11,is indicative of mental depressions and suicide attempts.

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