What Is So Special About Akki’s 26 ?

  • special chabbis 26 reviews

    Akshay kumar’s recently released ‘Special 26’ or Special Chabbis is in entertainment  news.But,is the film numerologically so special ? In a way No,and thats why it is not working so well at box office.

    I am not a numerologist who measure the success of a film in terms of collections.No,that is only producers side and common man has nothing to do with 100 or 300 cr clubs.Still,Special Chabbis,especially its release date, had its own special defects which ia pulling the movie down.

    Movie title ‘Special 26’ adds to 24 + 8 = 32. Affliction of 5 or 6 by an 8 is a serious defect and here .both, 32 or 5 and 24 or 6 has been afflicted by 26/8. But,number 24 is not a pure form of 6,its affliction by 8 is not bad.Affliction of 32 by 8 is still there which will detoriate its success chances.

    Its other name ‘Special Chabbis’ adds to 24 +17 = 41 [ exactly similar to Akki’s destiny number in 41].Again,there are too many afflictions.

    The release date of the film ,again,has its own goodness as well as weakness –



    Vital numbers – 08,16,01,86,87,15.  A collection of good and bad numbers . The biggest mistake /flaw is the feb month release.Jan 20-feb 28 is negative saturn period and it simply kills success to a major extent.

    Akshay kumar’s name is in number 28 and destiny number in 41 [ same 5 series as movie title number in 32].Such match of numbers proves lucky.

  • 2 thoughts on “What Is So Special About Akki’s 26 ?

    1. sir, but i read somewhere it adds to 50… as per prasant numerology it adds to 32 ……somewhere i read it adds to 41 whats the true number? huh?? yeh kya ho raha hai?? koi pls samjhaega? and why isnt good to release during feb? :O m so confused in these nos. 😦

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