Number 5 Often Produces Weaker/ Unsuccessful Students

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    One cant blame a person / student ,affected by numerology of 5,if he is a weak student. Number 5 and 6 are counted among the best numbers of numerology,still it has this major defect.

    One can be affected by number 5 in many ways – born on 5,14 or 23. Destiny number ,i.e. the addition of full date of birth, in 5 series. And the worst thing – being born on periods of 5 – there are two periods dedicated to 5-

    May 28 – June 20   and

    Aug 28 – Sept 20

    Also,the student can have his/her name in number 5 series.Even a title/first name in number 5 series give bad results.NOTE – number 14 sometimes behave differently,because of 4.


    What we mean by weak students is the outward projection. Number 5 persons can be weak at studies,or may be quick to grasp any subject,extremely brilliant.But,he wont be so successful as far as getting higher marks / qualifications are concerned.

    There is an astrological explanation too for this theory.Mercury ,in most number of cases,gets afflicted by saturn somehow.And we know well,Saturn devastates the goodness of mercury.

    Then there is the affliction of mercury by sun which is hard to avoid because merury always remain at near distance with the latter.It sharpens mind,but deny higher education or educational success to the students.

    BUT,number 5 is a super success number as far as other matters are concerned – love affairs,sex,nudity,money making,business,acting ,dancing,sports and public liking.  It will hardly produce Students Of The Year in the real sense.

    Study in malaysia,australia,germany,canada,singapore,or in any foreign countries outside India wont change the situation.A name change could reduce bad effects to some extent.

  • 16 thoughts on “Number 5 Often Produces Weaker/ Unsuccessful Students

    1. My destiny number is a 5, and my life path and birth no. both are 7. I find 5 to be lucky…I too have a good academic performance….
      Is there a chance I wont succeed as a student???

    2. But by the way, I will tell you, i dont think 5 makes weak students, but students who are finely well, but love to do “co curricular” activities and stuffs more than studies…
      But again, my opinion doesn’t matter, yes.
      Sorry for disturbing. I didn’t think you will get pissed on just no matter.

      • You didnt read the article with full attention….. i have explained that ‘weak students’ wont mean they are weak in studies… they may/may not have sharp knowledge,but the output will be not upto the mark. Something will happen [without fail] that will either delay or hinder their educational progress….

        My destiny number is 33 and it is my duty to serve humanity…. but,number 33 also promises heavy wealth… i am interested in both… I dont know why you are calling name number as destiny numbers …. your name snehal sahay adds to 22 + 11 =33. All the three numbers are master numbers,thats why it might be proving lucky for you…. but yes,your title is still defective ….

        • My title…right…but it made me a better person(more confident and extrovert than before) I have a title change…the previous one made me a loner, which was…….ewwwwwwwww!

      • the main co-curricular activities of number 5 persons are multiple love affairs,sex,nudity,fashion and writing….. i think a student should concentrate on studies rather than on these mentioned co-curricular activities…whats your opinion ?

    3. certainly like your website however you have to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I in finding it very troublesome to inform the truth on the other hand I’ll certainly come again again.

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