‘Zila Ghaziabad’ Has The Chance To Be A Huge Hit ?

  • zila ghaziabad hot stills

    ‘ZILA GHAZIABAD’ movie title is outstanding as per Prasant Numerology for the first reason that its name components are perfectly balanced. And now,the cusp month of 3 has began to support the movie.

    The movie title adds to 12 + 25 = 37 which is a great number.The real beauty lies in the fact that its components are perfectly balanced – its inner meaning number is 12   25 or 37 itself which should infuse great power to the movie.

    But yes,the movie name is not pure,it has been afflicted by 4.So,it might not produce the desired results.Further,one of its components Zila is in 12 – weak number.It kills luck. SANJAY adds to same number 12 and no wonder he is not so lucky despite immense talents.

    The release date is feb 22,2013…



    Vital numbers – 22,12,21,22,43. Master number 22 is always special.But the numbers point towards success,name and fame. The title has a 12 which represents low income,otherwise no defects.

    It would have been better if the movie was released after the finish of weak saturn period.Still,as said earlier,the cusp of period 3 has begun which should be enough for the movie.

    Rest depends on the luck of its actors,their genuine birth records are always missing,so result can vary.

    UPDATE – As per records,Sanjay dutt has a destiny number in 42 .For number 6 persons, date 22/4 is bad.It is interesting that todays matrix has 12 and 21 ,as written earlier , number 42 and 21 amounts to 6 and 3 combination and it indicates failure.

    If his records are correct ,there is a serious defect,chances become bleak.

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