India Vs Australia Test Series 2013 – Numerology Predictions

  • Ind vs aus 2013 tour

    Gentlemen,i didnt get any time to analyse this series.Still,i coudnt resist this temptation of predicting Aus vs Ind 4 test matches.I will update these if i get few new points.And please,these predictions are for entertainment – never for betting.

    1st test Feb 22 -26  –  Australia [ India won ]

    2nd test Mar 2-6 – India

    3rd test Mar 14-18 – India

    4th test Mar 22-26 – India

  • 25 thoughts on “India Vs Australia Test Series 2013 – Numerology Predictions

    1. sir,
      bpl me aap note karna, ki last 30 match me dhaka ke hi average wrong hue haa.
      india v/s aus ka check karke confirm kar de. thanks

      • aus made a total 380 …. 3 + 8 = 11… master number. Australia’s name adds to 22 …again a master number… i feel,they will have control over this first test.. At present,i am busy with my name suggestion clients… so,cant analyse deeper.

        • Why are you gamblers frustated with us time and again…when we have clearly stated that our cricket predictions are not meant for gambling ? You gamblers are too much hungry for money… you seems to be never satisfied ! and why are few fools testing us ?

    2. sir mera naam vinay pawar hai mera date of birth 20 November 1987 hai sir aap muje apne carrier ke baare mein bathaayiye please sir help me please sir please

    3. WTF!man asking 6000rs. For career….in previous post you told jumaani was wrong..but today suggest someone to consult him…i think u r 420 …now apply numerology concept…

      • sorry,you have interpreted my words incorrectly…. Jumaani’s prediction went wrong on few occassions,but i never said he is a weak numerologist. In few cases, I am ahead of him [ because of the blessings of saraswati mata]. But,in general,he is the baap of numerology in India.

        Other websites are charging rs 10,000 and above for career reports and and other petty matters… why shouldnt we ? After all ,Rs 6000 would amount to only some portion of one month’s salary….. is it a big amount ? Saralied persons earn around minimum rs 10,000- 20,000……per month… we are not asking his lifetime income ,are we ?

        Unlike other persons,i am always ready to give consultation without charging initially. The problem is ,that person wont pay even if starts earning rs 50,000 per month….. its human psychology… one forgets to pay !

        We had predicted for a student that he will do engineering.. earn heavy…10 years ago….without charging initially. since many years,he is working as engg in foreign country…. earning in lakhs per month…but he didnt remember us …..

        hmmm,420 is a lucky number…..thanks for associating me with that number….. it reminds me of shree 420…raj kapoor…thanks once again…..

        • Ya, pendulum theory is intresting…search on google ‘dowsing pendulum’ or’future predicting pendulum’ and u will definetly get best theory about it…u can watch video on youtube also..and i’m sure u will get totally satisfied…actually that pendulum is made of natural stones and crystles which works on ‘external energy'(this energy is well described in vastu)…i’m sure u will never disappointed with it’s result…but be carefull don’t use this for earning money because it should be always used by a man personally..u can predict for anyone but without money

        • I don’t know prasant…. U r good numerologist or not..(now thinking may be)but such a great personality with so many positive energy…i have a ques. Is chiness numerology is diffrent with other one…?when surffing on net got totally confused because every word associate with number on diffrent website..(search on wikipedia)…ya i believe in astrology but more on ‘dowsing pendulum’ that i have..because it never predict wrong one…have u ever heard about this pendulum???….again i am extremly sorry for my previous comment…take it positive..4+2+0=6 then add 3 and 6+3=63 ‘a sign of good friend’

        • So many thanks…! haha,yes i consider 6 and all those lucky. I follow cheiro’s system…. it is not exactly chineese numerology…. net is ever flooded with conflicting and confusing theories…. i concentrate on cheiro one. Even that has defects,so i have developed few things myself to increase the accuracy.

          Pendulam dowsing is not known to me….. if it is interesting,i will learn that too. Numerology /astrology is predictive science…. but it cant be satisfactory everytime…

          See,i have predicted that during kumbhmela 2013.. there will be deaths due to fire or other mishaps.Also,i felt there will be some crimes related with nudity. Many people really died due to stampede. And also, a naga baba died due to fire mishap [ It was related with nude saint,but not a crime].

          So,numerology do point towards things,but it might work at times with full accuracy and often with lesser accuracy…..

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