Delhi Gangrape Accused Ram Singh Suicide Numerology

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  • Delhi rape Ram Singh suicide case

    Ram Singh – the main rapist of the delhi girl has been found dead today in jail.It seems that he had committed suicide.Even the numerological investigation points that it was a suicide.

    In last year’s post,and time and again,i have written that number 11 proves fatal – it gives mental depressions and such dates promotes suicide /death.Today is mar 11 and the destiny number is also 11 !

    Ram Singh name added to 7 + 17 = 24. Number 6 persons [ girls /men] are mostly pleasure seekers.Their minds are always filled with thoughts relating to pleasures – sex,music,films,nudity,drugs,wine and many more.

    It becomes severe when number 6 gets afflicted by 4 or 8.One wont shy to try immoral ways – even girls /women affected by afflicted 6 cant resist themselves for long from enjoying sexual pleasures.

    Rapist Ram Singh’s name in 6 has been afflicted by both – 4 and 8. Number 24 has a 4 in it [ persons with destiny number 24 often turn sex maniacs].And his title Singh adds to number 8.

    These 4 and 8 in a way showed the combined effect of 48 or 84.Both are unlucky,though astrologically placement of rahu before saturn is considered better. Number 48 has number 4 .

    In ram singh’s case , it is in 17 and 24 or 84 pattern.At present,saturn is in retrogate and if we add the astrological angle to his name ,we get an amazing finding !

    According to Prasant numerology’s retrogate transit theory, retrogate planet results in interchange of digits of name number.

    Here,the accused’s name was in number 7 + 8 pattern. During the present retrogate of saturn, number 8’s placement changes and it had become 8 + 7 pattern. Number 87 is highly unlucky.. [ Upcoming release ram leela is in 87 pattern and kai po che had 87 component.]

    Few more interesting facts relating to ram singh’s suicide death are the occurance of numbers 5 and 3. Ram Singh, 32, used his own clothes to hang himself at around 5.00 am in ward no 5 of Jail No.3 in Tihar jail.

    Numbers 5 and 3 adds to 8,and number 3 proves fatal for number 6 persons [ our theory proved right yet again].

    There are two categories of number 6 – one good and other unlucky. Those with pure and lucky 6 gets sexual pleasures easily and morally.Those with weak 6 have high interest in sex and they have lesser luck in getting sex,they resort to crimes.

    Number 6 also creates problems in genital or anal areas. Surely,ram singh had injured his own genital during those forcefull moments of animal sex. Or else ,police might have tortured his genital/anal areas.

    One such things happen with number 6 persons,they no more wants to live. And that might be the real reason as to why did ram sigh commit sucide ? Not because of guilt feel,sexual injuries gives depression and he might be its victim.

    Year 2013 adds to 6 and its matrix has number 8. Clearly,number 8 will go on harming number 6 persons throughout this year.For some,it may be mild and for some – SEVERE !

    Unbelievable relation between numbers and the major happenings in delhi girl rape case –

    The victim girl’s name was Jyoti Singh Pandey which adds to 14 + 17 + 24 = 55 .The name is full of numbers representing sex – 4,5,6 and 8. Letter P has devastating effect on names in 5.

    Number 5 represents sex with multiple partner,number 55 has two 5’s and Jyoti name is in 14/5.If a girl has such name,they often become victim of sex.

    The date of gang rape and its matrix –


    Vital numbers – 11,65,15,31 and 76. Now,these numbers clearly provided few major hints of the upcoming events,pay attention..

    Number 15 represents multiple sex partners and it got mixed /afflicted with number 4 [ number 76 adds to 13.]

    Girl with name in number 55 has the risk of sex with multiple partners and she had to face the same on a day with destiny in 15 [ effect of 5 is immense in number 15..and number 5 represents nudity and sex with many partners]

    Numbers 11 and 65 [adding to 11] creates disturbances in mental state,sexual urge becomes manifold.No wonder,they did savage minded things.

    The girl survived for 13 days [ there were the hints towards this in the above matrix in the form of numbers 31 and 76]

    On 3 January 2013, five days after the woman’s death, the police filed charges against the five men for rape, murder, and kidnapping.

    Its matrix had the same 31 element –


    Number 3 proves fatal for persons influenced by 6 [ ram singh has his name in number 24 or 6 !

    Again,a minor calculation with the 11 and 65 component of the main matrix –

    11 65 -> 11 11 [ carry forward 10]

    11 + 10 + 65 = 86 .

    Ram Singh dies on 86th day of the rape incident.Its unbelievable ! And he died on 11 march,2012 –


    11 represents sexual urges.Even,its previous day’s matrix number was 11 ! [ Surely he might be feeling repeated sexual urges for 2 days…16th dec had number 11’s and he satisfied himself by raping the girl.

    But,here in jail,he had no means to satisfy his sexual urges. He could visit only bathroom many times for mastrubation. And more than that,number 11 creates depression and the person can commit suicide.]

    Did you notice the similar 11 11 pattern here ,dec 16 had 11 and 65. So,in a way,the main matrix had hinted that something major will occur on 86th day , day with 11 and 11 pattern !

    ALAS ! The matrix method and numerology explains the importance and scientific validity of numerology,but only after the incident happens. Whats the use ?

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    1. Dear Prasant i got worried as I had named my daughter so that its sum up to 23=5 because she born on 23rd.her destiny number is there any harm to u mentioned about number 5. please reply what should i do…please help..

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