Chennai Super Kings Will Be The Winner Of IPL 6 2013 ?

  • Chennai Super Kings IPL 6 Winner Predictions

    Chennai Super Kings has great chance to win IPL 6 – it seems so.Current year 2013 adds to number 6.Further,the year matrix number is 18 which indicates that teams in number 9 or 4 like Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore have chance of success this year.

    IPL 6 name adds to 12 + 6 = 18 itself !

    UPDATE – Mumbai Indians will win IPL 6… they should because new captain Rohit sharma’s numerology matches with finale date matrix.His birthdate is 30,running in his 27th year..

    More than that, MI team name adds to 38 or 11 matching with final day sunday. Further,their name has 48 effect plus afflicted 6 effect matching with IPL 6 and year 2013 matrix number 18. Almost full control now with Rohit sharma.

    The finale date of IPL 6 is 26th may,2013 –


    Vital numbers – 26,19,21,69,81,45

    All the numbers suggest that the match will be quite a thriller.Isnt is quite interesting that the final match matrix is 81 [ Year matrix is 18…lovely coincidence] .

    Sunday and matrix elements highly suggests that final will have one or both the teams in number 1 series for sure.

    MI – 11

    RR – 40

    SH – 1

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