Use Your Destiny Number – Change Your Destiny !

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    Cheiro and other numerologists have since ages suggested to make use of your date of birth repeatedly to bring luck.I would suggest – Use your destiny number,instead, to gain success. It can do more than birth date,it might completely change your destiny !

    Calculate your destiny number by adding all the digits of your complete date of birth.Example – 13 /09/1982 –

    1 + 3 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 33 or 6.

    Do all the important works on dates adding in 6 – like 6,15,24.It will give you sure shot success.And the success margin will be much much larger than the old method of using birth day number.

    You can intelligently use your destiny number for so many things –

    Admitting your child into school for the first time.Even later,for higher education.

    Applying for new jobs.

    Proposing your beloved [ love and intention should be honest]

    Husband ,wife for getting pregnant.

    Choosing key players/captain for a team whose destiny number/numbers matches with the first match date of a cricket series.

    Doing money investments on such dates.Intraday /long term trading as well.

    Students can learn difficult chapters /lessons on those dates.They could get very high marks in exams.

    Selecting only those competitive exams/ tests /job interviews whose dates fall in sync with your destiny number.

    Actors/actresses could taste success bang on by releasing their films on such dates.

    IMP – If your destiny number is 8 or 4,it is better to use 3 and 1 intead.

    DONT attempt to use it for bad deeds,you will get success for sure but your life will be ruined for ever !
    Destiny number is a powerful tool to change your destiny !

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    1. Hi I was borned 06/01/1980 was borned with name number 6, life path 7. what numers are perfect fit for my numerology for business and new name? And what # are not compatible with me. I wish to change my borned name from 6 to a different # ‘ cause something it’s not working, bud don’t know to what number pls help. Thank you!!!

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