‘Aashiqui 2’ Suffers From Same Defects As ‘Dabangg 2’ !

  • aashiqui 2 predictions

    Aashiqui 2′ numerology is almost similar to that of Dabangg 2 – highly interesting coincidence.And it directly means that it suffers from the same numerological defects and has the risk of meeting the same plight !

    Dabangg 2 added to 19 + 2 = 21 which is a good success number.But,its inner meaning number was 12 – weak number.And the film was a failure.

    I have heard ‘History repeats itself’ but wasnt expecting it to happen so soon. ‘Aashiqui 2’ name adds to exactly similar number and same weak pattern.It adds to 19 + 1 = 21  with the same inner meaning number 12 !

    Lets analyse the release date matrix [ 10 may ,2013 ] –



    Vital numbers – 10,12,02,11,13 .

    Numbers 11,12,02 are failure and lack of money numbers.Still,the month period is of 6 It has the capacity to save weakest of movie name numbers.

    A slight modification to the movie name could have had miraculous effect.




  • 47 thoughts on “‘Aashiqui 2’ Suffers From Same Defects As ‘Dabangg 2’ !

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      I saw many of your posts its unbelievable

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