Who Will Win IPL Apr 6 Csk Vs Mi Match ?

  • Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians clash will be interesting today.But a sharp point favors Dhoni and if that logic turn true,CSK should win today Apr 6,2013  IPL match.

    Today matrix –



    vital numbers – 66 ,67,01,22  …

    Dhoni’s name number is 66, destiny number is 33. Number 33 ,22 ,11 are master numbers,so he could have complete control over today’s matrix numbers 66 and 22.

    More important,infact most important ,thing is that dhoni has birth date in 7 and destiny number in 33 or 6. Didnt your eyes get wide – the 76 pattern similar to today matrix number 67.

    When one’s destiny number and birth date matches exactly in reverse pattern with that day’s matrix number,its 100  % sure that nobody could defeat him.

    Further,CSK team name number is 63 …number 3 works well on saturday.On the other hand MI adds to 38 or 2. Number 2 is too weak to survive on saturday…[ but,sometimes survives].

    BUT,today is saturday and saturday sometimes destroys the matrix theory…. otherwise,CSK will be the winner..

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