CSK And RCB Will Face Defeat Today ?

  • virat kohli rcb 2013

    Today is thursday,the day of number 3. Chennai Super Kings team name adds to 63,the 3 at the end might match with thursday well.On the other hand,Kings XI Punjab’s team name adds in 39…9 is destroying 3.

    Today’s matrix may 2 ,2013 –


    Vital numbers – 02,13,01,23,24

    None of the numbers really matches with any of the teams.But,the thursday concept might apply today..

    Then there is the second match – rcb vs pwi.Rcb adds to 81 and Pwi adds to 60…

    As per astrology,venus is in mrityu bhaga today… dhoni n kohli have their destiny numbers in 6….number of venus… does it mean defeat of csk n rcb today ? confusing situation because… even pwi adds to 60 or 6.. !

  • 6 thoughts on “CSK And RCB Will Face Defeat Today ?

      • smart boy..! but i have merely jotted down all the points which came to my mind…to give the readers a feel of astrology intricacies and numerology special hints…

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