Upcoming Films 2013 – Hit Or Flop – Numerological Predictions

Films are our life,we always get enticed by upcoming films.But,we get bored and irritated when the new brigade of so-called ‘creative’ film makers serve us with nude yet waste contents,isnt it so ?

Like i had written last year,2013 wont be a filmy year in the true sense because the year number 2013 [ adding to 6 which is the entertainment and film’s related number] has been afflicted by matrix number 8.

Number 8 kills the beauty /romantic nature of 6 and turns it into wild animal kind of sexy stuff – dark and sinister as well.So,the clear indications are that gangster type of,mms kind of movies will be the trend of 2013.

Who cares whether more girls will be raped or not,2013 will make the filmmakers all the more criminal.It will push them to the point of unexpected vulgarity,nudity and scenes [ for no reasons…make the story interesting…instead of undressing the actresses – fools ! ].

Anyways,lets move on.Films till march were mostly beaten up..now,with the onset of lucky period of number 6 [ april 20/28 – may 20],films are seeing some money at box office – Aashique 2,SAW.

Number 6 period has the quality to do good to films coming under any number – it provides a marvelous support.Films liked during this period are not only liked by masses,monetary income is also automatic and high.

After number 6 period comes 5..so back-to-back two favorable months to make any film lucky.During these periods following films will be released.The trailers of few of the upcoming films are highly proper and pleasing [ aurangazeb especially].

Release Dates –

aurangzeb stills

Aurangazeb – 32 with the effect of 12. It cant match with matrix.12/3 can get the support of month 6,but remember 12 is a weak failure number.

May 17 – matrix


vital numbers – 11,79,19,17,81 except 19,no other numbers are favorabale.But yes,17 is representative of classic works.

Ishkq in Paris stills

Ishkq in Paris – 33  movie name is in pure 33 but date is afflicted 6…tough chance.

May 24 – matrix


vital numbers – 24,21,47,17,68

Yeh Jawaani hai deewani stills

Yeh Jawaani hai deewani –  11 + 16 + 7 + 27 = 61  – not a great number and afflicted by 11 and 7…will be a dumb movie ? The song batameez dil is highly entertaining though.

May 31 – matrix



vital numbers – 31,15,46  Number 31 represents ill luck /bad storyline.But,the movie name matches with the matrix,a thing of big respite.

ypd 2Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 – 10 + 16 + 27 + 2 = 55   Generally,number 55 is an electrifying number and is expected to be so this time as well.
June 7 – matrix



vital numbers – 07,79,19,71  not so perfect numbers but 19 is good. Movie name matches with matrix slightly.The problem is that ,movie name begins with Y and ends with 2… creating the number 12 effect – unlucky…

They could have written 2 : Yamla Pagla Deewana – a miraculous remedy [worth rs 3 crore tip..mind it !].

raanjhanaaRaanjhanaa –  23  Good succees and monetary number.Even its layered number is cool.Expected to do well [ though the film will push the youngsters still more offtrack into problematic unsocial love affairs].

June 21 – matrix



vital numbers – 21,15,36  all the numbers are ok,no problem.Film should do well.

d day hot scene D-Day – Rishi kapoor sets to play a villain yet again [ why did he listen to ranbir’s suggestion to make a comeback and that too on a regular basis ?] .The movie title adds to number 10.A hyphen being added to avoid the risky 46. But,the release date is problamatic –

July 19 ,2013 matrix –



vital numbers – 19,23,93,12

A mere disguise of good numbers – 19 matching with movie title in 10, 23 .Number 39 is the destiny number of rishi kapoor.But, number 1 fails with destiny 5 !


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