Fall Of Wickets Too Indicates Who Will Win The Match !

  • fall of wickets

    Cricket match is the best example of the existence of the exciting science of numerology.The game is nothing but a bunch of numbers and we can trace numerology in its every aspect,be it the score of the batsman/team ,distance of the sixes or fall of wickets.

    Trivia – Year 2013 adds to afflicted 6 . And in all of the matches,the distance in meters of the sixes hit are coming in 86 or 87  – afflicted forms of number 6.It is simply amazing.

    Predicting the match winner using fall of wickets –

    Yes, even the very first fall of wicket can help you ascertain who will be the match winner.On few occasions,when few wickets fall early,we fear that our favorite team might loose the match.It becomes a real matter of concern when such thing happens in 2nd batting.

    Fall of wickets in the lucky number of the team indicates their win instead Have you been known of this secret fact,you might relaxing even after fall of 9 wts being rest assured that your team will win.


    There are 2 things to be noted

    –  runs scored by the batsman who got out

    – number of balls faced by him

    It is easy for you because in tv and scorecard  when a batsman gets out,both the things are flashed together side by side like in may 15th IPL mi vs rr

    In mumbai Indian’s batting dinesh karthik got out at 21 runs 21 balls faced.

    21 21 means 33 or 6 .Now rr team name is 40 or 4 not matching with 6.On the other hand , MI is 38.They posses 3,so 6 matches with them ,lucky for them.MI went on to win the match .

    Of course,it takes time,perfect thinking and method to discern the hints hidden in ‘fall of wickets’.It is highly interesting method developed by us i must confess,

  • 3 thoughts on “Fall Of Wickets Too Indicates Who Will Win The Match !

    1. I keep seeing no.46

      Such as time 1.46, 2.46,3.46 …..

      It keeps happening to me…..

      What does that mean ??

      I have just changed my name no. to 42 frm 46

      Dob 12-03-1989

      Just done it for film career…

    2. India vs Srilanka World Cup Final 2/4/2011 Srilanka Score kiya tha 274 lekin ye score Srilanka ko favour kartha tha lekin World Cup India Win hova kaise 2 + 7 +4 = 13 Srilanka ka fortune number 4 hai

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