IPL 6 Spot Fixing Case Has Amusing Numerology !

  • IPL spot fixing 2013

    It is quite interesting that we can trace numerology even in the recent IPL 6 spot fixing scandal.Be it the involved persons or the match date,most of the things are reflecting strong and accurate numerology.

    Last year,i had written that number 40 often stands for fraudulant things.Few readers refuted it.But,it has been proved yet again. Rajasthan Royals team name adds to 40,rest you know.

    As per news reports,three matches were fixed this season – dates being may 5 ,9 and 15.And the probable persons involved – Sreesanth,Chandila and chavan.

    It is believed that sreesanth and chavan were involved in spot fixing during may 15th match ,Chandila in may 5th match.

    Chandila has birth date in dec 5 ,match date was 5 ! Sreesanth’s birthdate feb 6 and match fixing date may 15 or 6 ! Only Chavan’s numerology is not matching clearly.

    It is funny that i have time and again written that number 5 and 6 are sex attracting numbers. In this spot fixing,sex scandal has also come up.Sreesanth is 6 born ,Chandila 5 born ,the former was caught with a girl on may 16th arrest.

    Number 6 persons are always interested in sex,they cant spend days without sex.No wonder,Sreesanth fall in the trap of bookie for enjoying girls rather than money ! I am,myself, a person with destiny number 33 or 6,i can understand his plight.

    Further,i always say date 15 is multiple sex promoting date.The players were caught with the escorts on exact may 15 !

    NOTE – everything is written on the basis of news extracts and date records at wiki.No intention on my part to blame anybody.

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