RCB Or SH Will Reach The IPL 6 Playoffs ?

  • sunrisers hyderabad ipl 2013
  • sunrisers hyderabad ipl 2013

    Royal Challengers Bangalore is an highly attractive team.On the other hand,Sunrisers hyderabad are highly dull team.But what is in store of IPL 6 ?

    Today is the crucial match between SH and kkr.If sh faces defeat,rcb will go to the playoffs,otherwise not.It depends on who will win may 19th match.

    today’s matrix –


    vital numbers – 19,21,13.

    It not all what we see.Number 13/4 is unlucky for pwi.But,at present,in the pwi vs dd match DD is on the verge of defeat.

    SH’ win is partly depended on sunday and the rest on matrix 13.KKR is number 57 or 3 with ample effect of number 11.

    What is quite striking is that SH team player Darren Sammy’s destiny number is exactly number 26,ipl final date is may 26 – is it the indication that sh will play the final,Sammy will mesmerise the crowd with his batting/bowling ?

    Today is may 19 ,simple numerology suggest immense luck for Sunrisers hyderabad as their team name adds to 55 or 1.The matrix method is not favoring them today.BUT,the above mention ’26’ numerology might show its effect..

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