Jiah khan Suicide Numerology !

  • Jiah Khan hot

    Actress Nafisa / Jiah khan commits suicide on june 3,2013.There is some interesting numerology related with her death date,read ahead.

    Her birth date is feb 20,1988 which means day 2,month the cusp of weak saturn 8 and juipiter 3 and destiny number in 3.

    Now her death date – may 3 matrix-


    vital numbers -03,15,35,36

    Day was 3 with destiny in 15. Number 6 will prove unlucky for girls this year,i told you.Especially,this number 15.

    Our matrix method pointed a highly special thing,noticed it ..number 35 – the death number ? While common numerology could hardly explain her death,matrix makes it clear.

    number 35 takes one’s life and on such days,something disasterous might surely happen.But,it is more of a murder number than suicide.

    JIAH KHAN adds to 8 + 13 = 21 or 3.Her name is in 84 pattern unlucky for worldly relations.

    Suraj Pancholi ,the villain, has his name in 13 + 33 = 46. Now,isnt it interesting,his name has number 33 – the super sex number ,then 13,and finally 46 – all indicating person interested only in sex,sex and sex.

    I had warned last year that girls should be beware of men under certain numbers,best examples being 37 and 46. They are superb cheaters and fall under ‘dogs’ category.

    It is amusing that my dob is 13 and destiny in 33…  highly similar to suraj pancholi ‘ name pattern !

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