Why Couldnt ‘Raanjhanaa’ Earn Good At Box Office ?

  • Raanjhanaa Dhanush

    No,it didnt – the box office collections stuck at low level. Bad films like YJHD garned rs 100 crore and Raanjhanaa ,liked by public, could earn even rs 50 cr. It happened due to defect in release date of the movie.

    Dhanush and Sonam starrer film Raanjhanaa was brought under good numerology number 23.But,it was released on weak date – 21 June,2013 ,its matrix –



    vital numbers – 21,15,36

    Number 36 or 63 is considered bad for money collection or film success,especially the latter. The reason being that 3 stands for Jupiter and 6 for venus.Both are enemies of each other and such numbers lead to downfall.

    Since the month period is 5 and movie name 23 or 5,the film was liked much and didnt fail.But,6 and 3 too showed its effect,The opening day/friday collections were very low and even later it remained low…..

    One important point /weakness is that there is no ‘perfect’ release date as such – it depends on fate rather than astrology /numerology.



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