Etawah Gangrape Case Numerology

  • Etawah girl gangrape case

    A 20-year-old private tutor was allegedly gangraped and then set on fire two days ago in Etawah  by her own  fiancé Farhan and his’s four friends.

    Like said before,year 2013 adding to 6 and afflicted by matrix 8 would result in crimes against women.Two days ago means,july 11 .

    Number 11 – the suicide number [ there were reports the woman had set herself ablaze because a dowry demand of Rs. 5 lakh from Farhan’s family had cast a shadow over their marriage.]

    And the destiny number of that date was 24 or sex number 6.While predicting the winner of cricket tri series ,i explained that day’s matrix has number 35 – the death causing number.



    Vital numbers – 11,14,24,35

    Always i have explained,number 5 represents group sex / gangrapes and number 6 – sex in general.There was the matrix number 14 present  [ adding to 5  which results in sex with multiple partners ].

    And number 35 is really serious – it causes death. Jiah khan’s suicide date had number 35,India’s destiny number is 35 [ and India is dying slowly and steadily ! ].

    There is the suicide number 11 ,so we cant deny that angle.But,sexual crime has surely been done and that too brutally.

    Girls,keep a distance from men [known or unknown] on dates and destiny in 5 ,6,15 series.

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