Somerset Vs Warwicshire – FOW Numerology Worked Again !

  • Somerset vs Warwicshire match july 30 result was contrary to common norms of numerology.Warwics captain born on 21st with destiny 7 was expected to do well and his team had to win because yesterday date was 30 or 3 and destiny 16 or 7 … matching .

    The fall of wicket numerology concept [ developed and nurtured exclusively by Prasant Numerology] provided clear hint during the 1st /somerset innings first wicket fall itself that Somerset ,not warwics will win the match.Other wickets confirmed it strongly.

    ‘Somerset’ adds to number 29… falling in 11 series. Warwickshire – 50

    Jones out at 10 runs 9 balls or 19 …somerset.Normally,1 series is highly lucky for 5 than 1 itself.But,warwicks are weak 5 [ because of 0] and 19 was not for them.

    Trego 32 runs 23 balls… or 55 pattern. Again,it couldnt be lucky for warwics because they are 5 and it is not free in 55.

    Compton ,again, 32 runs 23 balls … same 55 pattern same hint.Lucky for somerset,unlucky for warwics.

    Generally,the first wicket pattern provides the major hint as to who will be the winner and it did it again – clearly !

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