Indian Badminton League 2013 Winner Predictions

  • Indian Badminton League Numerology Predictions

    IBL 2013 is yet another crazy yet entertaining effort to copy IPL . Since its players are to be rotated,it weakens the team numerology and the hints for prediction. The event schedule is aug 14 – 31..lets see…

    UPDATE – Hyderabad HotShots team name is 63 or 9 and 2013 year matrix is number 18 or 9..[ how did i miss this point ? ]. Further,finale date destiny number is 18… hence they are approaching towards finale.

    Saina Nehwal’s dob 17 has no direct sync but number 8 works well with 14 or 5.And her destiny is 30,in sync with finale destiny 18.

    Awadhe Warriors team name number is 46 with inner number in same 46,so it might be extra lucky. Its captain P.V. Sindhu ‘s numerology is matching with the matrix.His current age 19 is a striking feature – 19 is a success ,happiness number and is highly lucky for 5.

    Pune Pistons captain’s whole numerology is in number 9 ,even his current age is in sync 6.Banga beats captain destiny is 41 matching with start date 14 but his dob seems to be caught.

    So,these may be hinting towards final between Banga beats  vs  Awadhe Warriors / Pune Pistons teams.Lets see…


    19 – Hyderabad HotShots

    20 – Mumbai Masters

    22 – Hyderabad HotShots

    Awadhe Warriors

    23 – Pune Pistons

    24 – Awadhe Warriors

    25 – Krrish Delhi Smashers [ A ]

    26 – Awadhe Warriors

    27 – Banga Beats

    28 – Hyderabad HotShots

    29 – Awadhe Warriors

    31 – Hyderabad HotShots

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