Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 Predictions [ Numerology ]

  • Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6

    2013 Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 has bought few sizzling beauties and dancing stars.Whom will luck favor this time ? The predictions would have been complete only when the finale date was known.Still,we can enjoy its current numerology.

    Now ,only 6 contestants are left…. [ and the sensational girl Sonali Majumdar’s birth details are absent.Among the other 5 best seems to be Lauren Gottlieb‘s numerology.Her destiny number is 4 and june 1 was saturday or 8.She is born 8 and her current age is 26.Number 26 gives unexpected one time success.

    Her name number is king’s number 51. Again,it represents sudden rise and downfall later.

    Drashti  dhami ‘s chances seems to be good [ keeping in view the begining date of the contest june 1 , 2013 ].But her name is weak,adding to 35.Drashti looks the most gorgeous – she is the best mix of beauty ,figure, dance and personality.

    Sana Saeed  ‘ age numerology is also good.Since, Sonali’s birth details and finale date is unknown, the analysis remains in raw state only.

    UPDATE – I forgot to analyse Drashti’ age numerology,i think i was doing other works then ! Anyways,numerology showed its effects as always.

    Drashti’ destiny number is 25 or 7 and her running age 29. Number 29 is a quick fame number – Shahrukh and Dhanush name adds to 29.

    Further,it adds to 2 and matching perfectly with destiny 7 [ number 7 and 2 are interchangeable and equal]. Our lucky age based on destiny concept worked one more time.

    I stated – number 26 gives unexpected one time success in the context of the other lady.Drashti dhami adds to 20 + 15 = 35.Number 35 is bad,ok.But, i noticed yesterday her name is in 2 + 6 pattern or 26 !  When number 26 mixes with 29 – it gives immense luck.

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