Why Does Shahrukh Fail With Number 2 Everytime ?

  • ram jaane stills

    Our matrix method is gaining popularity.Zanjer and KBC 2013 were set to release on same date sept 6.But,the makers have shifted KBC to 9th after our words of caution related with matrix of 6th [it has number 63 – downfall number ].

    There are widespread misconceptions that number 2 could be lucky for Shahrukh khan.Let me explain his basic numerology first.He is born on nov 2,1965. So,his dob is 2,month period 9 and destiny 7.

    Number 7 can be interchanged with 2,hence he seems to be doubly influenced by number 2.And he is blindly using it for his movie titles [ titles number adding to 2].

    His name Shahrukh khan adds to 29 + 13 = 42. Noticed his name components pattern 2 n 4 or 24 matching with 42.As per our concepts,it is one of the best ways to increase the power of name.

    All his success is the result of his name number 42 or 6. No other number has ever contributed to his success,neither dob/destiny 2 nor month 9. Remember,it is a serious misconception that 2 or 9 has helped him.

    Number 2 fails with number 9.Interestingly,these movie names added to 2 or 7 –

    Dil Se – 7

    Ram Jaane – 2

    Chaahat – 2

    Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani – 2

    Josh – 7

    Don – 7

    Ra.One – 2

    JTHJ [ shortcut name ] – 2

    Chennai Express – 2

    I have avoided longer movie titles,so there might many more. Number 2 is a weak number in itself and bad for persons affected by number 9.

    Even release date majorly affected by number 2 has proved fatal for him.

    ASOKA was released on date root number 8 with destiny 3…. the famous unlucky number 38..adding to 2 !

    IDIOT was released in same date 8 and destiny 3 or 38/2 pattern.

    Maya Memsaab adds to 7 + 20 = 27 [ haha..full of 2 and 7].And its release date was July 2 [ date 2 and period also 2 ].

    Dil Aashna Hai release date destiny number was 27 – again 2 and 7.

    GUDDU was released on 11 aug ,1995 – date root number 2 with destiny 7.

    English Babu Desi Mem adds tp 25 + 11 + 13 + 13 = 62.Too many 2s and 7,its release date destiny was 7.

    Chamatkar was released in the month period 2.

    King Uncle release date destiny was number 2.And ‘King’ adds to 11 or 2.

    Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa adds to 11 + 12 + 11 + 7 = 41. Again,excess of numbers 2 and 7 .And its release date root 7 ,destiny 4 adding to 2.

    [ Since its release date was 7 matching with Shahrukh’s destiny 7,he earned name and fame/awards though the film didnt work.]

    Zamaana Deewana adds to 20 + 27 = 47 or 2.Name components also contains 2 and 7.

    Baadshah was released on 27th.Public didnt like the movie.

    Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani 16 + 8 + 8 + 7 + 35 = 74 or 2 Unbelievable ! It was his dream project and it shattered.Its release date was 21 with destiny 6 adding to 27 [ also,the 63 effect was present].

    Paheli release month period was 2 ,its release date and destiny added together to number 2.

    Swades release date and destiny were 8s adding to 16 or 7.

    Thats why i cautioned the makers not to choose aug 9 for chennai express.The movie title is 2 [ the film has earned him bad names all over the world once again]. And releasing it on 9 would have killed its income too.

    After our warnings,the makers retained aug 8 in a different way and the film went on to earn money at least.Again,fans were highly irritated and bored due to the effect of number 2.

    When did shahrukh began to detoriate in acting ?  Since the time media and fans alloted him the numerologicaly bad name ‘SRK’ which adds to number 7 !

    Final words for him – try to avoid number 2/7 [ even if cheiro strongly recommends to use dob to achieve luck].Avoid it !


  • 4 thoughts on “Why Does Shahrukh Fail With Number 2 Everytime ?

      • even shahrukh has no internationl liking/status …though he is highly highly good at acting. Only nris like bollywood actors,foriegners hardly see /notice our films…actors….

    1. i now seriously doubt if u knw anything about numerology ??? destiny number wow means 2 and 7 have no gud efctx wow look pal first of all luk for destiny number properly its kabala philosphy related to fre maxonx n thng is theyve alwayz used it to decieve ppl they folow pythagorean numberz which is uxelexx…..n for ur info man has much power more than numbers….but ur obsession is just baseles…problem wd 2 and 7 is they r not bad just not consistent in their achievmntz…. occultism…medicine……arts…..r its few domainz……..

      • I use the same concepts in match predictions,others and it works alike…. who said old numerology is the ultimate vessel of knowledge…… ? everytime a new man comes and changes things… people thought Amitabh was the ultimate actor,Shahrukh came and knocked him out with a single movie darr.

        Recently,hrithik was supposed to be the ultimate,now ranbir has knocked him down……

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