Asaram Babu – Criminal Numerology

  • asaram bapu cartoon

    It is highly interesting that the rapist saint Asaram has numerology in criminal type numbers.Try to understand it and be wise not to blindly follow/support him.

    Asaram , the rapist [ for the time being ,he is not free from charges ] ,was born on 17 apr ,1941. This old man aged 73 is lucky to possess popularity numbers in plenty,yet those numbers point towards crimes.

    Number 8 is a general crime number .Number 17 is slightly unique – it creates immense name and fame,yet it represents criminals. Bollywood actor Salman khan first name adds to number 17 [ no wonder,he hit and killed many few years back.]

    His destiny number adds to number 27 – again  fame number.But alas,it adds to 9 – cruel minded persons.Now we analyse his sexy name –

    Asaram Bapu adds to – 12 + 17 = 29.

    Number 29 makes a person famous overnight [Shahrukh and Dhanush ,name adds to number 29 ]. When it is the final number,such persons are extremely sex minded,they do immoral ,shocking social crimes.

    Aamir khan’s destiny number is 29.Since there is no other number to modify it,he too is strongly influenced by it.And he has already married 4 times without any reason.

    Sanjay Dutt’s birth date is 29,his whole life has been controversial – 1993 bomb blast case,too many wives.SO,one thing common – SEXY nature.

    And did you note Asaram bapu name patter – 12 or 3 and 17 or 8…the infamous number 38. And one more 17 in his name.Also a P afflicting and making the case even more worse.

    His birth destiny matrix –



    vital numbers 17,12,27,77,44

    Number 77 is also a popularity number.Problem lies with 44 – it develops criminal mentality [ Nupur talwar name too adds to number 44 ].


    I have been telling even before last year delhi girl rape case that date 15 promotes sexual crimes.Latest Asaram rape case occurred on same date 15.Numerology never tell lies   !

    Number 29 is a romantic number and it become extra sexy on such dates 6.Many things goes against Asaram,be catious !

  • 12 thoughts on “Asaram Babu – Criminal Numerology

    1. prasant yr had hy teri bhi agr esa hny lg jye tu 8 period from 20 dec to 19 jan…. 21 jan to feb 19 ….ismn peda hny wla hr insan criminal hna chye jbky esa nh hy…..tum intehai tng nzr admi ho hr number k ek point p focus shi treka nh…..prasant g tm mn is sy khyn zyada talent hy……8 depth of mind ko bhi tou show krta hy?????
      2 ki imagination power highly strong hy 1 ko mat deny ki had tk but u only highlyt its bad pointz????????
      4 agr bura hy uncertainty k karan tu ye technology ko bhi show krta hy??????
      prasant in chzun s bhr nklo… numerology just sex n sports n bet lgny p focux krdya hy joky ghlt hy……tm is s bhtr sex k itemz ki dkan chla lou hr chez ko ek trazu mn nh toltay….keep dfrnt aspectz of same thng bfre urxlf

      • If these numbers had occured in the context of good things ,i would have highlighted the good side of these numbers… at present,i am talking about the sexy nature of the above personalities. They havent exibited any creative talents as yet. Nor are they known for deep thinkings.

    2. then ur knowledge im afraid is defective u dont knw about numerology of common man u just know sex numerology
      …..8 is known for deep thinking most philosophers have name in it…..although the dark undertone i agre but not as much az u say it existz…..cheiro has also i think mentioned that but ofcourse its useless to tell a person about knowledge whoz running a sex shop here

    3. oh brother first of all im a girl secondly
      here are a few people with name
      number 8 and are world famous
      scholars not sex problematics…. eric
      weil……roland barthes…..gabriel
      marcel…..all have naje number
      8….richard swinburne….name number 8
      ….was born on 26dec is a world famous
      philosopher he is born in 8 period on 8
      date 2+6– 8 and has name in 8…..

      • Gabriel Marcel – 17 18 – 35

        Roland Barthes – 22 22 – 44

        Richard Swinburne – 18 35 – 53

        Aapne weak examples pesh kiya hai… number 8 kills other numbers and number 9 kills number 8. Cricket predictions mey bhi batate aa raha hoon.. 0 ya phir 9…lucky number mey rehne se vo score/target defeat ko indicate karta hai [ except few special cases].

        Ye bhi kehte aa raha hoon ki..4 number 8 k effect ko reduce kar deta hai…

        in 1st and 3rd names, there is 18 or 9…

        in 2nd case,it is 44… 4 inside 8….

        and their personal life details are completely missing in wiki… how could you say,they were saints ? In our place,a professor cut his wife to several pieces … criminals may not necassarily be illiterate/fools.criminal mentality can co-exist with intellectual knowledge.

        In none of my posts,i have said that number 17 and 29 persons cant be scholars,did i ? i have stated that they are famous for their good talents – but the negative effects of the two numbers disturbs their minds,provokes them towards ill deeds [ sometimes against their will].

        • shut up u stupid loser har chez ko weak example bologay tm mnogy hi nh apna fault cuz is sy tmhra karobar thap hjyega oh w8 wo tu phly hi thap hy

        • concept aapka galat hai… kisi bhi ache numerologist se poonch lijiye… itna door kyu jaana… jumaaniji se hi poonch lijiye… bata denge ki aapka concept galat hai… ab vo to India k best numerologist hai…unpar to aapko shak nahi hai na,,, unse consult kare…aapka hi concept galat niklega..pakka baat hai….

      • mei follow sirf Saraswati mata ka karta hoon… haan,jumaaniji ka age concept,cheiro ki 1-2 concepts,aur bhi kuch kuch use karta hoon… mei kuch naya karna chahta hoon… cheiro ko gaye kitne saal ho gaye..kab tak ghisa pita use kare…

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