Shuddh Desi Romance Adds To Good Numerology !

  • shuddh desi romance

    Shuddh Desi Romance – filled with 25 kisses will surely increase the testesterone levels and rape cases too.But,will it make name as a good entertainer ? Immense public liking,coupled with genuinely large box office collections,is what we mean by hit.

    Shuddh Desi Romance hindi movie title adds to 27 + 13 + 27 = 67. Number 67 is a special lucky number,it could hint at success.And it has high fame number 27 two times !

    It is interesting that there is the number 13 – hmmm….i cant avoid repeating it – sex number. Number 13 also represents all round knowledge,but that meaning wont apply to this 25 kiss scenes film,am i right or am i right ?

    The pattern 9 4 9  has unlucky number 49.It seems to be balance because of afflictions [ i cant say accurately,i dont know how it would result].

    The whole problem lies with the release date sept 6 – even Zanjeer is releasing on same date –



    vital numbers – 06 ,21,61,27,63

    Here you will notice ,the matrix total adds to number 27…the movie name has the same number 2 times – hence that portion is lucky.

    Number 63 leads to downfall of a movie without expectation.

    Parineeti Chopra ‘s destiny number is 49 ,the movie name has 49 pattern.Again,it could mean a huge success or the afflictions in it might mean defeat [ even i dont know ].

    I feel that sept 7 release might do the trick –



    Vital numbers – 07 ,22,27

    Even her birth date is 22,destiny 49/4… matching both 7 and 22.[ Its a saturday,again a problem…]…  or Sept 16 release [mon].Her running age is matching and lucky 25 !

    Its producer Aditya chopra’s dob is 21 and destiny 26.The release date matrix has both 21 and 62 on right diagonal.Reversed digits generally indicates defeat [ but,i am not sure ].

    Anyways,few of the numbers are exactly same – it could mean a huge success /liking. Or the afflictions present , reverse order of producer’s number might mean failure.NOT SURE….

    The beauty of numerology is not limited to only predicting things accurately in advance.Even, ‘after analyse’ is equally beautiful – we will know it after 1-3 weeks of its release ,what these numbers actually hinted at !

  • 34 thoughts on “Shuddh Desi Romance Adds To Good Numerology !

    1. i think it will be a hit overseas but not in india…..but still 2 early its a doubtful film….genre wise….hopefully parineeti and sushant will get benefited from it…….

    2. ive stoped criticizing u to c if how much ur predictions prove ryt agr tm shi rhy tu mayb il agree wd u n tmhra shk bhi tu dur krna hy k u thnk im jealous of u…bhla y shud i b jealous of u

      • abhi to ireland vs eng… common numerology ka dhajji ud gaya….. our prediction worked…. ire captain dob is 6 and it fails on date 3…….. otherwise,his destiny is 9,today’ destiny is 18/9..teu also… excess of 3,6,9 series…. YET,failed…hmmmm morgan’s dob is 10….nothing to do with 3….

    3. ive stoped criticizing u to c if how
      much ur predictions prove ryt agr tm
      shi rhy tu mayb il agree wd u n tmhra
      shk bhi tu dur krna hy k u thnk im
      jealous of u…bhla y shud i b jealous of

      • dekha,kal us open mey phir se common numerology ka dhajji udd gaya…. hewitt’s dob 24/6 ,granollers dob 12/3…. yesterday was 3 ,desy 9,day teu…means 3,6,9 series..still they faced defeat…

        we had calculated it beforehand… as per the method invented by us during flt20 series…..

      • Aap ladki hai bol rahi hai…ladkiyo k ,baaki cheezo k saath saath,dil bhi soft hota hai suna hai…

        Aap doctor bhi,paisa ka kami nahi hai…

        aap kab hume reward denge ? bahut saare tests mey cleanly pass ho chuka hoon..

        Roger’s cup rafeal nadal prediction – rs 25,000 minimum

        pak vs zim t20 /odi [ vo alti palti ko chodd bhi dene se..3 correct out of 5 ….asli mey sab sahi hi ta] – rs 25,000 min…

        aus vs eng t20s – rs 10,000 minimum…

        flt20 – 85 correct out of 96 [ gucha gucha mey post karta tha match k 2 hrs pehli hi… no edits at all in 80 correct ones… no score based adjustments…

        and yesterday’s ireland vs eng… rs 5000

        So,rs 65,000 expecting from you…. hope you are a fine lady and believe in rewarding good works… send it today…

        • Prasant g , apki d.o.b 13 sept hai aur apki destiny 33 hai ap ny apna name destiny k sath match kia hai..jb k common numerology says for 13 or 4 number 1 is best as name number as 1& 4 both sun numbers,,…..
          Apki main post b parh chuka houn destiny k according..
          Tu wakia hi destiny ko use kar k day number sy ziada success milta hai..??

        • Sir ap b aur dosry sary numerologist. 6 series main sb sy ziada tareef name number 33 ki karty hain..number of lord kuber etc.
          Sir maine aj tak name number 33 main koi boht successful person nhi dekha ..
          Bipasha basu,shobhaa de,Edsha deol,dharmindra,.
          Aur agar sb sy bhar kr name number 33 main dekha hai tu ADAM SANDLER Hollywood actor..
          Jb k name number 42 main,, SHAHRUKH khan,sonakhshi sinha,britney spears,SEAN CONNERY, boht hi bary name hain..
          Even in number 43 jo numerologist k mutabik unlucky hai…Amitabh bachchan,hrithik roshan,Marln brando…
          Sir what is this

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