KBC 2013 Begins Today – Numerological Predictions

  • kbc 7 winners numerology
  • kbc 7 winners numerology

    After the failure of the recent film Satyagraha,some respite for Big B – his popular show Kaun Banega Crorepati begins today.Its is a knowledge based entertainment show,there can be no hit or flop in this case.KBC will always shine with Amitabh Bachchan as its host.

    STILL,today’s numerology is weak –



    vital numbers – 06,21,61,27,63

    NUMBER 63 leads to failure,i dont know in what terms could KBC fail ? There is nothing to fail in it.Then what does 63 might be hinting at ?

    May be trp levels etc.It will be getting competition from Salman khan’s Bigg Boss 7 from sept 6. Dates 6 in both the cases,but matching the host’s destiny number in the latter case [ sure shot success hint often].

    Who might be lucky winners this time ? rs 7 cr or any amount winner ? Well,begining date hints at persons with numerology in 3.

    KBC 7 is in 77 format, so number 44 [and other 11 effect numbers ] might be lucky too.Number 77 is a highly lucky number in itself -powerful and wealth gaining.Then,34 effected persons.

    But,Indian family loves KBC more,me too. Best of luck !

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