Numerological Tips For Dhoom 3 / Krrish 3

  • dhoom 3 krrish 3 predictions

    At present,you will find Dhoom 3 vs Krrish 3 everywhere as to which one beat the other.Here we present few most vital tips to make both of the films stronger.

    Krrish 3 has the potential to be a huge flop.Its title is in 15 + 3 = 18 or the downfall number 63. Tip to turn it into a huge hit – Dont allow gap between krrish and 3 [ the suggestion goes majorly to media / ].

    Without gap,the title would add to number 18 – no problem.The 63 effect will vanish.

    Coming to Dhoom 3 numerology tips – We can make it stronger by writing in this manner – 3 Dhoom .Then,its outer and inner pattern will sync perfectly [ very few movies get such matching chance ]

    Other major tip – Release it on thursday ,instead of friday.Both,Aamir Abhishek B are influenced by jupiter or 3.It would be wise to avoid the day of 6.

    If Abhi’s destiny number is genuinly number 30 – make use of it for Dhoom 3.

    The above numerology hints could help generate extra 50 – 100 cr. Hope the makers reward us to the same tune !

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