Phata Poster Nikhla Hero Predictions – Hit Or Flop ?

  • Phata Poster Nikhla Hero

    Phata Poster Nikhla Hero adds to 19 + 29 + 17 + 19 = 84 with ample of afflictions.Number 84 is highly problamatic in general.

    Its release date is sept 20 ,2013 –


    vital numbers – 20,17,07,37

    The matrix hardly matches the movie name number.There are slight support for 8 and 4,but its inner components lack the proper matching.

    Shahid Kapoor is born on 25 feb. Those born between dec 28 – feb 28 i.e. the period of 8 finds best luck on wednesday/thursday ,not friday release.

    His destiny number is 28,the matrix is in 28 pattern [ 20 and 17].Yet,there is a 0 in 20.It could mean defeat/failure.It could give average results at the most.

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