Indian ’24’ Will Make An Impact ?

  • Anil Kapoor 24 on TV

    Anil kapoor starrer, 24 [Indian tv series], begin this oct 4. India attempts hard to copy hollywood but fails often.This time wont be exception i feel.

    Release date of 24 –



    vital numbers – 04, 11, 41, 15, 42

    Number 11 is a serious failure number, especially if it comes in destiny. Till now, nobody has escaped its wrath. It creates lack of public liking, monetary failures [even disasters].

    The attempt is good to match the tv series title in number 24 with matrix total. Also,Anil kapoor’s dob is 24 and destiny 33. If his destiny is really 33, then sept 27 would suited best [given the limitation in the form of friday].

    Bollywood is ever ready to waste crores, number 11 provides that opportunity in plenty. Better, we could be airing tv shows like ‘Anil kapoor 24’ on auspicious date [lucky] for higher income/popularity.

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