CLT20 Astrology Hints

  • CLT20 Astrology predictions

    The analysis provided here are purely experimental, following it blindly might be risky because I am attempting astrology not in a conventional manner.

    Otago Volts vs Highveld Lions sept 29

    First batting begins in Gulikya kaalam. But, gulikya kaalam doesnt show bad effects in Puyam nakshatra. Mars is opposing the lagna, very closely which is bad.

    2nd batting begins in rahu kaalam, it is bad and unavoidable. At the same time, venus antiscon is falling very close to lagna. Further, meenam lagna is the ucham of venus.

    Match wont be one sided, i feel so.

    Rajasthan Royals vs Perth Scorchers

    First batting begins with saturn’s opposition, though 2-3 degrees far. This often leads to defeat.

    SEPT 30

    titanvs tnt

    1st batting lagna makaram 26 42 squared by venus 27 48 but opposed by mars 26 51. It leads to defeat. Venus antiscion 2 07 falling on 2nd lagna,in ucha rashi.good…….


    1st batting lagna 14 11 directly opposed by saturn 15 55. But, sun’s antiscion 16 28 is falling in lagna. Medam is sun’s own ucham. Badness is only 1 44 apart , goodness 2 17. Since Sun stands supreme, it could destroy sat’s bad effects. [ not sure].

    oct 1 rr vs ov

    1st lagnam is 20 47 and gulikyan is very close 19 16 to it. Jupiter’s sextile, sun’s trine and antiscion falling on lagna and gulikyan [closer to latter more]. It might lessen or cancel gulikyan bad effect and provide mild benefits for lagna too.

    If 2nd batting starts between 9 30- 40, 2nd lagna trined by ucha saturn within 2.5 degrees. Seems strong.

    And again, from 9 – 55 pm, moon’s antiscion is falling in 2nd lagna. Edvam is ucha rashi of moon.Nice i think.

    Oct 2 mi vs ps

    1st lagna closely squared by venus in detriment -some say it is bad but i think the reverse because lagna is saturn’s house. 2nd batting till 5 – 50 is mildly opposed by sun, then aspected by moon. Good.

    Csk vs tnt

    1st batting sharply sextiled by jupiter in detriment. And squared by mars in fall [loosely]. 2nd batting rashi lord venus in detrimrnt . Weakness.

    Oct 4

    Csk vs RR

    1st batting lagna sextiled sharply by Jupiter in detriment and gulikyan too. Seems bad. And moon’s antiscion falling there too. This time moon is in triplicity yet combust.

    2nd batting if at near and around 9 – 40, sun trines lagna closely. But, each minutes delay might go on weakening the strength.

    Oct 5

    MI Vs Tnt

    First batting Lagnam 27 51 is sextiled by jupiter in detriment [but more than 3 degrees orb hence less bad effects]. Gulikyan is squaring the lagna 2 19 close [some say gulikya is not to be noted].

    2nd batting lagnam 24.30 is trined by moon 26.38 i.e. 2.08 close in separating state.Good thing though it is weak due to less light.

    mars’s antiscion is falling near lagna – it is its detriment rashi. The bad effect begins and intensify if 2nd batting gets delayed by 5- 10 mins.

    While 2nd batting begins in Capulus and then Caput agol fixed stars- unfortunate and highly unfortunate, 1st batting starts exactly in Vertex star -unfortunate.

    NOTE – Even 5-10 minutes delay or early start effects these calculations by big margins. Then the prediction weaken /might fail as well.

    MI vs RR oct 6, 2013 clt20 final match

    First batting lagna 29.0 is sharply sextiled by gulikyan 29.54.Jupiter is only loosly conjunct with gulikyan, might/might not lessen its bad effects.

    2nd batting lagna 25.27 has mars antiscion 29 in it in detriment. 2nd lagna is trined by sun. Good

    But there is a visham dosha – uncertain where it will fall…plain things say it might ruin 2nd batting….[but, there are variations in its method of calculations]

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