Why Did Besharam Flop ?

  • besharam movie flop

    Ranbir kapoor’s Besharam has flopped on its release day itself, public opinion being highly negative. Can anyone trace the cause of failure of Besharam ?

    The release date 2 with destiny 9 is a good combination. Further, the movie title is in number 23 – lucky number. Then ?

    Ranbir kapoor’s destiny is number 3 and the movie has been released on oct 2, 2013. Sept 20- oct 27 belongs to 6 period. Number 3 fails with 6, his destiny 3 failed terribly with month period 6 !

    Since the film has been released on large scale and fake promotions are rampant these days, the film’s severe failure might not get reflected in box office collections. But, the truth is – Besharam has flopped badly !

    Heroine movie of Kareena kapoor faced the same problem,her numerology controlled by 3 and release on her birth day sep 30…falling in the period of 6 !

    I had calculated this several months ago. Last year, i had mentioned few lucky release date destiny combinations [2 and 9 being one of them]. Somebody attempted it without asking us its details and has selected the most unlucky month 6 !

    Our ebook on the same topic with detailed numerology-

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  • 12 thoughts on “Why Did Besharam Flop ?

    1. ranbir kapoor Born: September 28, 1982. month period 6 and 6 is also his lucky number.
      aur film tu isky birth month main release hoi hai so reason koi aur b tu ho skta hai.ap hi k mutabik sab sy powerful time birht month ka hi hota hai.aur all indian numerologists k mutabik 3,6,9 a family of numbers hai..
      ranbir ki destiny 3 hai tu usko jumaani aur dosry numerologists ny name number 42 rakhny ka mashwara dia hai…why?
      wo kehty hain k isko apna name ranbbir kapoor or ranbir r kapoor likhna chahye ,,jo k 42 pe add hota hai aur iski destiny sy b match karta hai aur aik filmy number hai..aur ap kehty hain k 6 isky liye unluky hai

      • ranbir’s birth month 6 ..is getting killed by dob 28 or 1….. same is the case with anushka sharma [and thats why both are not fat…infact thinner than normal]…

        even if some 6 is left, birth month 6 and destiny 3 is creating the 63 effect…… similar to sachin [born month 6, destiny]… such 63 leads to repeated failures… and 6 cant prove lucky for them in later stages…….

        in 63…..3 controls 6….. hence, release month oct or 6 unlucky for besharam…….

    2. it means k ranbir name number 6 tu use kar skta hai like 42 etc but but bussiness point of view sy 6 is unlucky for ranbir because of 3

    3. ye shradh period kia hai sir g..
      sanjay b jumaani ka kal ka sataement zail main hai besharm sy mutalik
      All new Film releases that braved the Shhradh period, considered Inauspicious for Bollywood bit the dust!
      Next time yaad rakhna!

      Besharam (will not lose their money) predicted months ago on Zoom TV to do well. Could have done much better with a delayed release. sanjay b jumaani

    4. ye tu hai….
      prasant sir name number 24 aur name number 42 ka matlab tu same hai..
      likin name number 24 waly loog old age main b young aur smart nazar aty hain ye kia baat hai..ali zafar adds to 24

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