Cricket Astrology Predictions

cricket predictions

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We will provide here the astro hints related with upcoming cricket matches series 2013 and others. We are just attempting it, there may be flaws. And might be risky.

Previous Predictions /Records

Aus vs Eng 4th odi

1st batting lagna conjunct mercury..but sat squaring it. Sat often ruins mercury…… 2nd lagna partile squared by jupiter. Venus also squaring the lagna….  this venus-jupiter opposition could be constructive because it is venus ucha rashi…………

Ind vs nz 3rd odi

1st batting lagna aspected sharply by jupiter…strong. But, gulikya kaalam falling on it……severe weakness. moon is in 10th house MC in 1st batting lagna….powerful.

Aus vs eng 5th odi

2nd batting lagna has ketu on its cusp…..generally weakness…….

NZ vs Ind 4th odi

sat squaring 1st lagna loosely….good. 2nd lagna is squared by enemy pair venus-jupiter…sharply…generally downfall. In navamsa chart, rahu is conjunct 2nd lagna……rahu often helps in high run rates [even wins too at times].

aus vs eng 1st t20

1st batting lagna strongly aspected by mars as by moon…..29 effect……

Ind vs nz 5th odi

1st batting lagna navamsa conjunct attractive 96. Lagna is partile squared by sat…powerful. 2nd batting lagna begins in rahu kaalam dosha.

1st seems an edge if 96 really mean good….

aus vs eng 2nd t20

2nd batting lagna squared by maa……weakness…

scotland vs uae 3 am

2nd batting ]updated] lagna in gulikya kaalam dosha….severe weakness…

aus vs eng 3rd t20

2nd batting lagna has gulika kaalam dosha…weakness……

sl vs bang 2nd test

1st batting lagna navamsa has 96 again….good?

Ind vs nz 1st test

1st batting in gulikya kaalam….  weakness…..

sl vs ban 1st t20

1st batting sharply conjunct jupiter antiscion…strong. 2nd batting loosely aspected by maa…weakness.

sa vs aus 1st test

1st batting begins in rahu kaalam dosha…weakness. Yet, Jupiter [partile degrees] in 10th navamsa…. a special thing.

Ind vs nz 2nd test

1st batting conjunct venus antision [loosely] good.

bang vs sl 2nd t20

1st batting  conjunct moon, jupiter antiscion….good. 2nd batting sharply aspected by sun-mer pair…strong.

bang vs sl 1st ODI

1st batting lagna aspected by moon…..good. 2nd lagna navamsa conjunct moon……seems better……

updated- 1st batting in gulikya kaalam dosha……..but sharply conjunct jupiter…..strong too…..

under 19 feb 19

2nd batting 2-20 pm has the weakness of jupiter aspected by sun….number 13

bang vs sl 2nd odi

2nd batting might have visha ghadikya dosha….

ireland vs wi 2nd t20

1st batting sharply squared by sun…powerful….. 2nd batting has mercury antiscion it…nice.

feb 22 under 19

sharjah..1st lagna aspected by moon-mars strongly….29…lucky.

sl vs bang 3rd odi

1st batting has venus in partile squre…powerful.

ire vs wi odi

1st batting lagna navamsa conjunct moon….good

under 19

1st batting lagna powerfully aspected by moon. strong. 2nd lagna navamsa has gulikya in square…weakness.

wi vs eng mar 5

1st batting has maa antiscion on it…..weakness. 2nd batting conjunct rahu but squared by venus……if 64…..bad.

mar 9

aus vs sa 1st t20- 1st batting aspected by venus….strong. 2nd batting sharply squared by jupiter. Powerful.

mar 11 eng vs wi 2nd t20

2nd batting sharply squared by maa – weakness.

mar 12 aus vs sa 2nd t20

1st batting conjunct sun antiscion – powerful, 2nd batting sharply squared by sun…powerful. Neck to neck….yet 1st seems to have an edge.

mar 13 eng vs wi 3rd t20

1st batting lagna and jupiter in partile degrees….seems powerful.



June 8

new zealand vs west indies 1st test- 1st batting lagna sharply conjunct maa- seems weakness…….

Sept 7 Eng vs Ind t20

2nd batting lagna [venus rashi] has is its own rashi lord venus sharply inside it [in the form of antiscion] seems like winning chances.



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Enjoy accurate tips for cricket today’s match. The tips, hints are based on astrology [my kind of observation, not kp system or horary]. Astrology predictions for most of the international cricket series in 2014 and others.


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