Australia Tour To India – Predictions

  • george bailey 2013India vs Australia ODI series 7 matches begins today –


    Vital numbers – 13, 11, 24

    When there is a 11 and there is captain Dhoni with destiny in same master number series 33, winning chances rest with India. Aus is number 22 – another master number, matrix 11 suits them well.

    11 not as date not so powerful for destiny 33, Aus’ power would be more. Then, there is the famous ‘foul’ play of Dhoni as well. BUT, our reversal of matrix concept would turn 11 into date. Hmmm.

    T20 Numerology was exactly as was predicted, the matrix was 18 and day thursday. Ind is number 12/3, most suitable for them.

    ODI Predictions –

    1st ODI – Aus

    2nd ODI – Ind

    3rd ODI – Aus

    4th ODI – Ind

    5th ODI –

    6th ODI – Ind

    7th ODI – Ind

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  • 7 thoughts on “Australia Tour To India – Predictions

    1. How do you calculate someone’s numerological name number? Do you take the full name or part name? e.g. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Do you consider only Sachin, only Tendulkar, Sachin Tendulkar or Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar?

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