Ind Faced Defeat Because Of Ishant Sharma’ Numerology!

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  • Ishant Sharma over

    Carefully look at the matrix of the 3rd ODI Ind vs aus date oct 19, 2013-


    Vital numbers – 19, 97, 17, 36

    Aus captain Bailey’s destiny number is exactly number 36. It had hinted Aus’ winning chances [the 9 factor kept on confusing though].

    Ind made 303 runs. Dhoni’s destiny number is 33 and ‘0’ indicated Ind’s defeat chances. [zero between lucky number creates bad luck].

    Ishant Sharma acted as the medium for this shocking defeat –

    Number 9 is unlucky for 2…. matrix total was 36 or 9. Ishant sharma’s dob is 2…. he sinked Ind’s ship single handedly.

    44 runs in 18 balls were needed and in 48th over, Ishant gifted four 6s and a 4 to aus…total 30 runs in his 6 balls!

    You cant trust simple numerology – date 19 or 1 seemed to be suitable for him as his dob 2 falls in same series. And his jersey number is 1…hmmm.

  • One thought on “Ind Faced Defeat Because Of Ishant Sharma’ Numerology!

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