Sanjay B Jumaani – The Wonder Man!

  • jumaani bigg boss 2013

    India’s top numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani stands special to my eyes. He has helped the bollywood churn money heavy and fast in no time.

    His name adds to 12 + 2 + 19 = 33. Though number 12 is weak, it is good in his name. And other numbers are perfect too.

    There are the good effects – 32, 21. And numbers 19 and 33 gives wealth and happiness, success. His reported age details – dob 30 and destiny 35.

    We cant change the destiny number even if it is bad. Still, his matrix-


    Vital numbers- 30, 35, 05, 33, 65,

    Here, we will not discuss the 38 effect because the 0 in 30 is modifying it. Numbers 33, 05 and 65 are excellent!

    Most importantly, the reversal concept is making his matrix ‘special and alluring’. There are two popularity numbers 5 and 6. He possesses both the numbers.

    Number 5 gives writing prowness, adaptability with all the other numbers. It stands for mercury, gives intelligence and business mind.

    Number 6 creates liking towards entertaining services like movies, sports. And 33 creates service attitude.

    Readers object me from adding the ‘sex’ tag to numbers, but numbers 5 and 6 do create sexiness in plenty.

    I was unaware of his numbers, just few moments ago i found that the reversal method is providing him the luck. I like him very much.

    And i salute him for his consistency in creating lucky numbers for bollywood films, ekta kapoor. The ‘100 cr club’ actually belongs to him. He deserves the credit, not the actor.

  • 4 thoughts on “Sanjay B Jumaani – The Wonder Man!

    1. Prasant‚

      Numerology seems to work wonders yaar…

      Till date i was unaware about this concept of numerology….totally!

      When i checked i found that I have following matrix as per your method..


      11‚ 12‚ 17‚ 27‚ 29‚ 38

      Can i change my name in 6?? Like 33 or 42 to support my weak numbers??

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