Latest Dhoom 3 posters / Imax Trailer – Numerology!

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    What could be there is a poster? The names flashed alongwith the pictures make or ruin the character. The 4 lead actors and their display names effect.

    Abhishek Bachchan – Jai

    It adds to number 3 but begins with J [failure letter].

    Katrina Kaif – Aaliya

    It aads to number 8…most important lady in 8 …strange!

    Aamir Khan – Sahir

    It adds to number 12 – weak failure number but with S2 or 32 effect. Is he a comedian in the movie?

    Uday Chopra – Ali

    Begining with A and adding to 5. Ok for comic roles.

    The trailer of ‘Dhoom 3’ that releases on October 30, cost a whopping Rs 2 crore to make! The trailer will be screened in the IMAX format and is a first in Bollywood.

    Spending half the amount on its lucky numberology could save the movie!

    The trailer releases on oct 30, 2013 –


    Vital numbers – 31,10,00, 40

    None of the numbers are promising. But yes, 30 is Abhi’s destiny number and his dob 5 highly matching with 10. It can do good for him. Aamir’s numerology is slightly similar -month 3 and dob 14.

    Main problem with movie title is its dm and 3 is forming 38! If media take trouble and write Krrish3 and Dhoom3 [without any gap before 3], the films could earn extra rs 50-60 crores.

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