Andhra Bus Fire Accident – Numerology

  • andhra bus fire

    Yesterday, a luxury bus met fire mishap in andhra pradesh wednesday 5-20 am. The day was 30 and destiny 10. No clue hidden as per common numerology.

    But, when we form the matrix, we get the death number 31 and 00 or 9 which represents fire/accidents etc-


    Vital numbers – 31, 00, 40

    And it was a luxury bus – number 6 stands for luxury items and 5 for transport vehicles. Number 3 is bad for 6. Also, 31 or 4 is equal in meaning to 5.

    The whole hidden numerology has remarkably been revealed by the matrix.

    The bus was a ‘volvo, spelling adding to 29 with V9 or 60 effect. 2 fails with matrix 9 and 60 with 30.

    Death toll is 45 as yet…. 9 and 5!

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