India And South Africa’ Winning Numerology

  • pak vs sa 1st odi

    Welcome to the world of matrix method. Now we present you the logic we had used for predicting the winners of oct 30 cricket matches – India vs Australia and South Africa vs Pakistan. Our fans simply forced me to write the success story of yesterday’s predictions.

    Yesterday was oct 30, 2013 –


    Vital numbers – 30, 31, 00, 40

    Number 40 was our prime pick -it was the solo key used for unlocking the winner team name, without touching date or destiny.

    Dhoni’s birth date is 7 and destiny 33. Both adds to 7 + 33= 40.

    AB De Villiers birth date is 17 and destiny 32, total adds to 17 + 32 = 49

    0 and 9 are at times equal.

    Both were exactly matching with the matrix total number 40 and using this hint we had predicted Ind and SA win for oct 30 in our ebooks and sports websites nearly 2-3 weeks ago.

    Interestingly, Team numerology or 3 series concepts were not at all needed!

    Likewise, our fall of wickets concept worked bang on in both the matches-

    Aus batsman 1st wicket Hughes out for 13 runs in 22 balls. 13 + 22 = 35 which is exactly India’ independence date destiny [15 aug, 1947 = 1+5+0+8+1+9+4+7 = 35]

    Ind’s winning chances were hinted in that manner too.

    AND, SA Ingram out for 0 runs in 2 balls or 20 pattern. Pak team name is 25 or 7. Number 7 is replaceable with 2 anytime. Hence, the 2 was for pak and the 0 indicated their defeat.

    Both the teams, Ind and SA, clinched their win from an impossible positions – Ind chased down 350 runs and SA bowled out pak within 183 runs!

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