Ind vs Aus Final Match Preview Numerology

  • ind vs aus 7th odi

    As per Jumaani, India has entered its 67th year of independence and its bad days have begun with fall in Sensex on aug 16. That means India would face defeat?

    matrix –


    Vital numbers = 02, 10, 00, 21

    00 favors dhoni and 12 bailey. Sat modifies things sometimes. Sat proves unlucky for 6… [but dhoni’s destiny is 33 – excess of 3].

    Amit mishra dob is 24, it fails with 21 [again, sat could modify things]. Jumaani’s 67 is creating doubts in my mind. Hmmmmm….

    Interestingly, Watson and Finch have dob 17… equal to 12…. and there is a 21 in matrix- Reversal of digits generally means failure. Bailey destiny is 36 or in 12 pattern too!

    Yuvraj dob is 12. same reverse defect. Kohli’ destiny is 42 which fails with 21.

    BUT, The matrix is 21 00… or 30…. Rohit Sharma’ exact dob…lucky for him.

    RESULTS – When Yuvraj, born 12, hit a six with distance 71 meters…. [or equal to 21], it clearly meant that the reversal matrix 21 is working bang on.

    WATSON’s destiny is 33, so it wont fail fully.

    Oh my God, there is no mishra. But a Vinay kumar with dob 12 [fully reminded us of Ishant sharma].

    Ind batting first ..Dhawan out for 60 runs in 57 balls or 57 6 0 or 36 0. Aus captain bailey’s destiny is exactly 36 and 0 meant Aus defeat.

    Ind won by 57 runs…

    NOTE – Interestingly, Krrish 3 title adds to 15 3 or 63 pattern. Today’s matrix was 21 00 or 21 0 – failure for 21, 42, 63, 84.

    If the makers of the film/media reports good collections for the movie on saturday i.e. today, dont shy from asking them ‘Why are you lieing Roshans’ ?

    [Ind is 12 but there is a d which modifies it. But, the movie title is unafflicted by 4 or 8. Hence, 21 0 failure is a surity in its case].

  • 4 thoughts on “Ind vs Aus Final Match Preview Numerology

    1. Yrr ye baad m koi bhi bol sakta h… Ye aisa hua ya waisa hua according to this ya according to that… Agar itne ache ho numerology m to pehle h predict krke btate…

    2. One more thing…. Jo pak or africa ke predict kre the wo to galt ja rhe h.. Hahahahaha loolzzzx…. Fir baad m bolty h maine paid clints ko bta diya tha… Site per kyu btau… Excuse bhut acha dete ho fir… Mind blowing…. Hahahaha you rockzzzzzz..

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