Numerology Of Narayan Sai’ Ganga!

  • narayan sai ganga sex

    Ganga is the main helper of sex scandal expert Asaram and Narayan Sai. ‘Ganga’ is generally regarded as pious but not in the context of living beings.

    Ganga name adds to number 13. Everytime number 13 crops up, the matter relates to sex and scandals only. Even this Ganga’s name is in news not for her academic brilliance.

    Now, G3 becomes number 33 – service providers. So, her name has both 13 and 33. And together, they reveal her job – provider of sexual services.

    There was the famous Ram teri ganga maili movie, its lead actress character name was Ganga. And Ganga became famous for the nude breast feeding and sex scenes.

    See…narayan sai… 16 + 5 = 21

    total is 3…. regarded as saint’s number….haha..But, there are 6 and 5 showing effects. 5 – multiple sex partners..across his ashrams all over India…..!


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