Love You Sachin – Numerology Windup!

  • Sachin Tendulkar 2013

    Sachin shouldnt have retired so early, should have played matches at least occassionally in coming years. Interestingly, current astrology has venus opposite jupiter or 63 effect and it ended his career.

    Sachin was born aprl 24 with destiny 30 [i hope age records are correct]. And thus, he was himself influenced by 63 effect.

    Number 63 gives initial success but finally leads to downfall. But, his matrix is interesting –


    vital numbers – 24, 30, 40, 54

    24 is excellent for sports, popularity, love affair. 30 also give public fame and wealth. 40 stands for fame.

    His 54 played an important role. It is similar to number 18. He made ODI debut on 18 dec, 1989. Its destiny added to 40 – immortal fame number.

    His last ODI was on 18 mar, 2012 vs Pak.

    He retires in 2013, year matrix 18. And the final test on date 14, destiny 13 or 54 effect!

    His birth number 6 played good role too. He started his career with Tests on 15 nov, 1989. Its destiny was 35 – not a great number [his last phases were full of 99,98.. incomplete successes].

    Number 63 often tarnish one’s image. He is still 40, lets pray he remains in good name and fame till entire life.

    Number 24 persons needed worry, they can attempt so many other things in their life. After enjoying cricket for 24 years, Sachin can attempt the entertainment industry

    Sachin tendulkar adds to 18 + 32 = 50 with a t [removing the 0 defect]. And number 5 is excellent for fame, sports, public liking. His inner pattern was similar to 50 – 95 which was the most powerful point in his numerology.

    Love you Sachin, i desire to see you play aggressive t20 innings again later [at least occasionally]. Dont retire in the real sense, number 6 can redefine anything – even retirement!

    I was so sad when Ind lost world cup 2003 on 23 mar… again date 23, destiny 13 or 54 pattern and totalling to 36. It was a sunday, creating 19 pattern with 9 getting killed by 1.

    Sachin was given golden bat for best batting.

    But, dhoni team help Ind win 2011 cup. Wish to see you again soon!

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