Tehelka And Tarun Tejpal Sexual Numerology?

  • tarun tejpal tehelka

    Tarun Tejpal of tehelka magazine also got caught up in sex case. This year, as predicted, bad forms of 6 would show effect.

    We have been talking about the high voltage sexy nature of number 15 [gang rape promoting nature]. Aarushi was murdered on 15 night… Aasaram raped the new girl on 15th.

    Tarun tejpal birth date is 15 mar, 1963. Clear number 15 in his numerology. And destiny adds to 28 – sexy. His name adds to 18 + 22 = 40. Hmmm, number 40.

    Tehelka adds to number 25 with t5 or 45 effect… matching year matrix 18. At present, in astro, jupiter is in opposition to venus – 63 effect – unlucky.

    His birth year 1963 has a 63 and he is getting defamed right now!


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